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Saturday 31 March & Updated 1 April
Model Review Section Overhaul
I've decided to tidy up the model review sections on the site and bring everything together on one page, hitherto the the original Model Bus Site & the Zone sites reviews were located on two different index pages.
Model Reviews Index.

In addition to the new index page I've also completed a review of the 1/43rd scale Hatchette Partworks Harrington Dorsal Fin Coach.

Hatchette Harrington Dorsal Fin Coach Review

This model & the Greyhound Scenicruiser coach are both still available direct from Hatchette and over the Easter Holiday period are both reduced by 25% to £14.99 plus p&p. More details on the Hatchette website.

Update 1st April
and the Oxford Diecast Weymann Fanfare Coaches, this has been updated to include the more recent N scale version also.

Oxford Diecast Weymann Fanfare Coaches Review

There are a several other reviews of recent new Oxford model toolings that I have been sitting around in draft form and due to family & work commitments these never made it to the final page layout stage. I hope to add some of these over the next few weeks, with updates to reflect some of the additional model issues since the initial first release.

Saturday 24 March
T I N Y Kit Re-run
Tiny have sold out of the first run of their recently released AEC RTV Orion lowbridge kit, but the good news for those who may have missed this model is that a second re-run is being planned for April/May and reservations are now being taken for these kits.

TK62A AEC RTV Orion lowbridge with open & enclosed platform options - Reserve Now

For details of the full Tiny kits range and contact details, please see the T I N Y page.

Saturday 24 March
Corgi OOC Release Schedule Update
Corgi have slightly revised the release schedule for the OOC models listed in the current January to June 2018 catalogue.

Thumb Range Ref/Link Vehicle Operator Fleet No. Reg'n Route / Destination Expected

Friday 23 March
Confirmed UK Northcord Models Release
The following model has now reached the UK importer and stock is currently being distributed to model retailers.

UKBUS6501 Go Ahead London (Route 14) - ADL Enviro400 MMC Double Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Thursday 22 March
Press Release From Forward Models
The following press release has been issued today by Forward Models regarding a new model & its release schedule.

Click the image to open PDF document

Tuesday 20 March
Two New Kits From Nigel Roberts Models
The following is a press release from Nigel Roberts Models regarding the proposed production of two new resin bus kits.


The aim of this small occasional range will be to fill some of the gaps of the less than common prototype vehicles which have yet to make an appearance in model form. The first models in the range will be a couple of small Bristols from the West Country:

1. Bristol SUS / ECW B30F

2. Bristol SUL / ECW C33F (The early original body style with the ECW front 'wings')

Both models are based on vehicles as supplied to the Western / Southern National fleets in 1960.
Pre orders are currently being invited for these models, and when sufficient orders have been received production can then take place.

If either or both models are of interest to you then please contact as follows:

Phone: 01752 493125

Post: 14 Doreena Road, Elburton, Plymouth, Devon PL9 8EE.

Sunday 18 March & Updated 22 March
New Pick & Mix Option For Atlas Edition Models
Many of the Atlas Edition Partworks models are now available from the associated DeAgostini Model Space website where a "pick & mix" option is now available for individual models.

Currently the site offers selections of 20 models from various partworks including the recent Classic Coaches, European Bus, & the Tram Collections.

The 1/76 & 1/72 scale models are priced £19.99 each which includes free postage. There are also "Collector Offers" for buying multiple models as follows: Bronze, buy 3 models save 10%. Silver, buy 4-8 models save 20%. Gold, buy 9 or models & save 25%.

Most of the UK coaches issued in the Classic Coaches collection & the London RTW from the European Bus collection are available in the "Vintage Coaches" & "Legendary Coaches" selections.

These are the models available in each of the selections: (* Identical model availble in both coach selections)
Vintage Coaches
Saurer L 4C – 1959
* IFA H6 B (White & green)– 1958
* Steyr 380 Q (White & marroon) - 1955
Leyland RTW (UK - LT route 25) – 1957
Fiat 306 Interurbano– 1972
Volvo B 616 – 1953
Scania Vabis D11 – 1964
Reo Speedwagon – 1946
Ikarus 311 (Red & white) – 1959
Volvo B 375 – 1957
Mercedes-Benz LOP 3500 – 1935
Star N 52 – 1957
Opel Blitz – 1954
Jelcz 043 – 1959
Kassbohrer Setra S8 (Green) – 1951
Renualt S45 R4210 – 1953
Mercedes Benz O 3500 (Red & yellow) – 1949
GMC B School Bus – 1979
* Magirus Deutz Saturn II (Red & cream) – 1964
Vetra VBRH – 1948
Legendary Coaches
Ikarus 311 (blue & white)
Ikarus 66
Ikarus 620
Ikarus 256
Burlingham Seagull (UK - Whittles)
Bedford VAL (UK - Wallace Arnold)
Bedford OB (UK - Ron W. Dew)
Kassbohrer Setra S8 (Red & white)
* IFA H6 B (White & green)
Plaxton Panorama (UK - Samuel Ledgard)
Plaxton Excalibur (UK - Excelsior Holidays)
! Van Hool T8 ! (UK - York Pullman / Van Hool Alizee model)
Borgward BO 4000
BMMO C5 (UK - Midland Red)
Mercedes Benz O 3500 (Blue & cream)
Van Hool 306
* Magirus Deutz Saturn II (Red & cream)
Brossel Jonckheere
* Steyr 380 Q (White & marroon)
Krupp Titan O 80
RET Tram – Rotterdam
Cable Car – San Francisco
Ding Ding Tram – Hong Kong
Reko-Wagen – Berlin
AEG N. 13 – Cambrai
Walker Tram – Montmorency
Tram L – Paris
E 4/4 Tram – Geneva
Standard B – Lyon
Stubaital TW 1 – Innsbruck
Tram D – Dijon
Elephant CE 4/4 Tram – Zurich
Zeppelinwagen– Nuremberg
Tramvia Blau – Barcelona
Spiegelwagen 100 – Karlsruhe
Balloon Tram – Blackpool
TW 4 Tram – Halle
Tram 500 – Paris
Motorvagn 43 – Gothenburg
PCC Tram – Bruges
A Word of Warning
Although these models are advertised as pick & mix selections, it's worth reading the delivery terms & conditions on the Model Space site carefully. Purchasing any of these models appears to also automatically sign you up to a subscription for further "model packs". If the subscription is not canceled within 14 days of receiving your first order, the terms suggest you will be sent further undefined models on a regular basis.

Update 22 March
DeAgostini have contacted me and clarified that any orders for the pick & mix models mentioned above will not form part of any subscription or result in additional models being sent at a later date. The terms originally mentioned above only apply to the build up collections listed on the site.

Further details of all the diecast selections, model photographs & descriptions can be found at

Saturday 17 March
Confirmed Oxford Omnibus Range Releases
The following Oxford Diecast Omnibus range items have now rached UK model retailers.

76BI003 East Yorkshire - Beadle Integral Coach

76IR6003 The King's Ferry - Scania Irizar i6 Coach
Information kindly supplied by

Sunday 11 March
1/43 Scale Bristol L5G ECW Bus
Scalelink have produced a new resin 1/43 scale ECW bodied Bristol L5G kit. The kit includes etched windows, glazing sheet & transfers.
SLBK01 Bristol L5G ECW Bus (1/43rd scale kit) £75.00 plus p&p
Further details HERE.

The model is also available in ready built & painted form in a number of different operator liveries.
SLBK01C Crosville(Green & cream) - £135.00 plus p&p - Very limited
SLBK01H Hants & Dorset (Green & cream) - £135.00 plus p&p
SLBK01UC United Counties (Cream & green) - £135.00 plus p&p
SLBK01U United Automobiles (Red & cream) - £135.00 plus p&p
SLBK01WD-A Wilts & Dorset (Red & cream) - £135.00 plus p&p
Further details HERE.

Scalelink also sale the W&T Manufacturing range of products that include a selection of 1/76 scale Midland Red bus & coach kits, plus transfers and accessories.
Further kit details HERE, transfers & parts HERE

Saturday 10 March Updated 13 March
Mabex Transfers 2018 Catalogue
The latest Mabex Transfers catalogue for 2018 has been posted on the supplier's Facebook page in the form of 27 page scans. The catalogue is valid until 31st December 2018 and contains a large selection of bus & coach related items in various scales including N & 1/76th.
The associated Kingfisher Models catalogue is also available in the same format and contains a range of 1/48th & 1/50th scale commercial vehicle kits & accessories.

Update March 13
For those who are not members of Facebook, I've been given permission by Kingfisher Models to offer PDF format versions of both catalogues. These contain order forms which can be printed out.
Kingfisher Models & Mabex 2018 Product Catalogues

You can also obtain printed copies of the Kingfisher Models and Mabex catalogues by post for £3.00 each or £5.00 for the two.
Payment is by cheque/po, payable to Kingfisher Models, Carlton House, Church Lane, Wyberton, Lincs PE21 7AF.
Please state clearly which catalogue you require.
All other enquiries must be accompanied by an SAE.

Wednesday 7 March
Next Oxford Omnibus Range Releases
The following Oxford Diecast Omnibus range items are expected to be released to retailers shortly.

76BI003 East Yorkshire - Beadle Integral Coach

76IR6003 The King's Ferry - Scania Irizar i6 Coach
Information kindly supplied by

Thursday 1 March
New T i N Y Kit Announced
T i N Y have announced a further version of the 1955 Park Royal single deck bus kit. The new version will be based on a Yorkshire Traction version of the vehicle and joins the earlier East Yorkshire & Southdown versions
Reservations are now being accepted for this latest version & a second run of the Southdown TK37S kit. A small number of the East Yorkshire kit TK37E are also still available from stock for £37.00 plus P&P.

TK37Y 1955 Park Royal Single Deck Bus (Yorkshire Traction version) - Reserve Now

For contact details & other kits in the range please visit the T i N Y page.

Thursday 1 March
Wright Streetlight Lite Max Bus Kit Available Again
Citibus Models have re-run their Wright Streetlight Lite Max bus kit and it is now available again for £43.00 plus P&P.

CM001 Wright Streetlight Lite Max Bus - In stock
£43.00 plus P&P

For contact details & other kits in the range please visit the Citibus Models page.

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