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Showbus 1996 Advert
20406SB front view 20406SB rear view
Fleet No.738 RegistrationRAH260W
Route No.103 DestinationDuxford
AdvertsSide adverts "Exclusive First Editions - 1996 Showbus 1996 - 29th September - Duxford" (near side) and "Imperial War Museum - Duxford - Duxford Airfield near Cambridge" (off-side) "BBC FM 96 - Cambridgeshire Radio - Simply the best" (front), "Cheaper car insurance - Choose Churchill" (rear between decks) and "Bus Ad's Work" (rear engine cover).
LiveryLight blue upper deck. Cream lower deck window surrounds with dark blue panels below
NotesInitially available at the 1996 EFE Duxford Showbus Rally
IssuedSeptember 1996 Release Code 1 / De-Regulation Series
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