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First Translink
(2007 Corgi Collectors Club Model)
OM46010/2 front view OM46010/2 rear view
Fleet No.803 RegistrationUCZ 8803
Route No.11b Destinationvia Shankill Rd & Ballygomartin Rd
(Springmartin side destination)
NotesThis model was produced exclusively for members of the Corgi Collectors Club.
50% of the models were produced with the above Destination while the other 50% (OM46010/1) carried "3A Knocknagoney via Newtownards Rd & Connsbrooke Ave" destination.
IssuedOctober 2007 Release / QtyCorgi Collectors Club Model / 755 (1510 across both versions)
OM46010/2 front view OM46010/2 rear view
OM46010/2 front close up OM46010/2 Packaging
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