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Friday 19 October
Photographs Of Two Future B-T Releases
John Ayrey Diecasts have published the first photographs of two previously announced N scale B-T lorries.

N022 Bulwark Transport - Albion CX7 4 Axle Milk Tanker
N024 Castrol - Leyland Octopus 4 Axle Tanker

Friday 19 October
New Routemaster Association EFE RML
I've recently received a mailing from the Routemaster Association advising that they have issued a second edition of the EFE model 31907 they commissioned last July.

Photograph shows the 1st version of RML884

The new version will be limited to 500 certificated pieces and features once again RML884 on route 104, the model does however have new side advertisements for Black & White on the nearside (different design) & Golden Wonder Crisps on the off-side. It also has new North Finchley ultimate destinations front & rear.

The model is initially being offered to members of the Association and those who brought or showed an interest in the first edition of the model. Any that are not sold will be offered for general sale during November and these will be priced £32.95 plus 4 P&P.
It isn't indicated on the mailing whether these models are code 2 or code 3, ie whether they been re-worked by EFE or a third party.

Thursday 18 October
Confirmed EFE Subscriber's Release
EFE are now mailing out the latest subscriber's model to those who ordered it.

30607 East Yorkshire N.B.C. - AEC Renown Double Deck Bus

Friday 18 October
Northcord Model Company: Prices Announced
The three Northcord Model Company releases announced last Friday have now appeared on the UK distributor's site and have been given a UK recommend retail price of £59.99 each which is a substantial increase over the RRP of £42.99 for the last of the CMNL models released just over a year ago.

All three models have been listed as December releases.

Tuesday 16 October
Three New Models Announced By EFE
& Four Confirmed Releases
EFE has updated the news page on its official site and has listed three future models, no photographs or further details are provided however.

38001 Eastern Scottish - Bristol RE Alexander Y Coach
38002 Western S.M.T. (black & white coach livery) - Bristol RE Alexander Y Coach
38107 Devon General - Bristol VRT Series I Double Deck Bus

There's also a photograph of the Central Scottish Alexander Y coach, 38201, announced at the Acton Depot event earlier this month (Click HERE to view the full sized version of the image used on the EFE site's news page)

The following models have now been released by EFE.

16013 Barton/Robin Hood - Leyland PD2 Lowbridge Double Deck Bus
16535 Merseyside PTE - MCW Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus
18716DL Southern Vectis - Bedford SB Duple Vega Coach
28607 Magicbus Manchester - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus

Friday 12 October
Confirmed B-T Models Release
The following 1/76 scale model has been released.

DA54 British Railways - Leyland Beaver Flatbed & Trailer

Friday 12 October
Northcord Model Company: News Release
For immediate publication : 12th October 2012

I am proud to announce the creation of a new model-making company, namely Northcord Model Company.

This new model-making company has arisen from Creative Master Northcord Limited and I have acquired many of the assets of the former CMNL business.

One of the most difficult tasks has been to find suitable production facilities and, having achieved this task, I am pleased to announce that three models should be available for public sale starting in early November 2012.

These models will continue to use the former CMNL identification stock codes and the models are as follows :

ukbus 1053 : Dennis Trident / ALX400 in the livery of Ensignbus; bus 103 V479 KJN; production run of 720 pcs.

ukbus 9006 : Scania OmniCity in the livery of London United RATP Group; bus SP164 YP59 OEZ; production run of 600 pcs.

ukbus 9010 : Scania OmniCity in the livery of Stagecoach London with special Scania 100 Years branding carried in the advertising panels; bus 15174 LX10 AUJ; production run of 720 pcs.

The first two models will carry Northcord Model Company branding whereas ukbus 9010 will be placed in special packaging under the CMNL name and will come with a Limited Edition certificate.

Distribution of these models worldwide will continue to be in the hands of the previous distributors, who will also set the price in their respective countries. In Hong Kong the retail price will be 398HKD.

As yet no images of the production models are available but some sample images of the prototype buses on which the models are based are attached.
ukbus 1053 :

ukbus 9006 :

ukbus 9010 :

Further information and details will be released when the models have finished their production runs.

Danny C. Y. Chan
Sole proprietor
Northcord Model Company
October 2012

Monday 8 October
Commissioned RT For London Bus Museum's Transportfest
Michael Wickham the Director & Trustee of The London Bus Preservation Trust Ltd has sent me the following Press Release:

London Bus Museum is pleased to announce the release of an EFE limited-edition RT model at its Transportfest 2012 event at the Museum on Sunday 21 October.

The release is limited to 250 certificated pieces of RT469 on route 152 to Mitcham Cricketers with special side advertisements commemorating the event.
This is a Code 2 model with stock code 34101A and will be on sale from the LBM shop inside the Museum on the day at a price of 23. Card-carrying Museum (LBPT) members will be able to purchase the model at a discounted price of 20.
If any stock is left over at the end of the day, the model will then be available by mail-order. Telephone enquiries after the event should be made on a Wednesday to 01932 837994, asking for the shop manager.

Transportfest 2012 is LBM's traditional end-of-season event and has been much expanded this year to include large displays of London & other buses, old and new (including an LT and other hybrids), a special display of RMCs to celebrate 50 years of Routemaster coaches, several rarely seen, early London bus types and Post Office, emergency services and military vehicles.

There will be heritage bus rides from the site and horse-bus & open-top rides on site plus a large collectors' market and a wide range of food and refreshments. Plenty of car-parking on site plus a connecting bus service from Weybridge station. Normal Museum admission prices apply - there is no premium for the event - and all the Brooklands Museum attractions are included.

Further details can be found on the Museum's website at

Sunday 7 October
Four New EFE Models Announced At Acton Open Weekend
EFE attended the Acton Depot Open Days this weekend and had samples of four previously unannounced models on display.

The Museum's commissioned Greenline RT model was released as planned and the has EFE Stock code 34104A.
34104A London Transport Greenline (RT4113 / route 362 to Amersham Garage) - AEC RT Bus

Thanks are extended to Barry Sullivan for supplying the model details & photographs below.

Click the thumbnail to view larger versions
Cat No. 16229
Vehicle Bristol MW Coach
Operator Bristol Greyhound
Fleet No. --
Registration 291 HHU
Route Southsea
Expected T.B.A.
Cat No. 29629
Vehicle Leyland Olympian Bus
Operator Ribble N.B.C.
Fleet No. 2134
Registration DBV 134Y
Route 615 Penrith
Expected T.B.A.
Cat No. 38106
Vehicle Bristol VR Series I
Operator Southdown
Fleet No. 526 ?
Registration WCD 526K
Route 42 Petersfield
Expected Due December
Cat No. 38201
Vehicle Alexander Y Type Coach
Operator Central S.M.T.
Fleet No. T28
Registration HGM 428E
Route 132 Balloch
Expected T.B.A.

Saturday 6 October
Corgi Collectors Club 2013 OOC Model
A pre-production photograph of the Corgi Collectors Club proposed 2013 OOC Model has been published in the latest Corgi Catalogue.

OM46603 Arriva London ('Singin' in the Rain' Adverts) - New Bus for London

The text accompanying the photograph suggests that three more versions of the model are/were being planned for release in 2013:
In 2013 Corgi will be releasing a fantastic new collection of the first eight New Bus for London's featuring there debut advertising campaign which hit the streets of London in July 2012. Traveling along 'Gold' routes in central London which run through key shopping areas including Oxford Street and Regent Street, the advertisements feature some of London's leading West End shows, including The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, The Lion King, Wicked, Mamma Mia & We Will Rock You.

The latest Corgi Collectors Club Newsletter mentions that delays have affected the release of this year's Club models. Corgi are working to resolve these issues and hope to make an announcement about revised release dates as soon as possible via the Club Magazine & Corgi Facebook page.

Thursday 4 October
Next Scheduled EFE Releases
The following EFE models are scheduled to be released during the week ending 20th October. These are the only releases scheduled for October.

16013 Barton/Robin Hood - Leyland PD2 Lowbridge Double Deck Bus
16535 Merseyside PTE - MCW Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus
18716DL Southern Vectis - Bedford SB Duple Vega Coach
28607 Magicbus Manchester - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus

Just a reminder that a commissioned Greenline RT model is due to be released this coming weekend at the London Transport Museum's latest Acton Depot Open Weekend (6 & 7 October). Model number below hasn't been confirmed.
34104A London Transport Greenline (RT4113 / route 362 to Amersham Garage) - AEC RT Bus
Release information kindly supplied by

Thursday 4 October
B-T Models Release New Photographs & Announced Three New Models
B-T Models have published photographs showing the first two releases of the new Bristol Lodekka LD1 and announced a further version. The RRP for these models has also been announced and is £21.99 but there's still no indication of a release date as yet.

B101 Crosville Motor Services (route 408 Colwyn Bay / - / RFM 412) - Bristol Lodekka LD1 Double Deck Bus (Open Rear Platform)
B102 West Yorkshire Road Car (route 36 Leeds / DX 4 / MWY 113) - Bristol Lodekka LD1 Double Deck Bus (Rear Doors)
B103 Southern Vectis NBC - Bristol Lodekka LD1 Double Deck Bus (Open Rear Platform)

The following pair of 1/76 scale lorries have been announced today, DA54 is shown on the John Ayrey's site as a released model.

DA54 British Railways - Leyland Beaver Flatbed & Trailer
DA55 Northern Motor Utilities Ltd - Foden DG 4 Axle Boxvan

The following items have also been released

L12 Coal Sacks (Full & Empty)
L13 Coke Sacks (Full & Empty)

Tuesday 2 October
N Scale Bus & Train Layout On Show
Ken Jones will be exhibiting his Tennis Court Sidings N Scale Train & Bus Layout at the West Bromwich Rail Model Club - 2012 Club Open Day.
The event takes place at Wednesbury Town Hall between 10am & 4.30pm on Saturday the 6th October. Admission to the show is just 1.50 for Adults / 1.00 for Concessions or 4.00 for a Family.
More venue details are available HERE

Ken expects this will be the last outing for the Tennis Court Siding layout this year.

Tuesday 2 October
Two Releases From B-T Models
The following pair of 1/76 scale lorries have now been released.

DA50 BRS Parcels- AEC Ballast Lorry & Boxvan Trailer
DA53 Northern Motor Utilities Ltd - Albion Chieftain Flatbed Lorry

A new pre-production model photograph has been issued showing one of the most recently announced N Scale lorries.
N021 Wynns Heavy Haulage - Commer Articulated Low Loader Lorry

Monday 1 October
New United Counties Garage Kit From Kingsway Models
New this month from Kingsway Models is 1/76 scale kit 'UCH'. This depicts the United Counties Depot in Huntingdon.

This compact depot can be built with signage for either United Counties or Stagecoach. The model represents the entire external building, and measures approximately 16" wide by 13" deep. The design of the building is quite anonymous and with new signs it might easily be home to any fleet; real or imagined.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger versions

You can also view the PDF flyer for the Huntingdon Garage kit HERE.

The kit is priced £16 (UK postage inclusive) and can be purchased online from website.

Monday 1 October
Confirmed Corgi OOC Releases
The following models have now been released by Corgi.

OM41226A The Lancashire Way (X41 Manchester) - Wright Gemini Eclipse Double Deck Bus - 550 pieces (Sold Out - All stock has been allocated)
OM41226B The Lancashire Way (X41 Blackburn) - Wright Gemini Eclipse Double Deck Bus - 550 pieces

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