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Monday 29 June
Go London Britbus Scania Omnidekka Livery Amendment
A change is being made to the forthcoming release of Chris Cotton's commissioned Scania Omnidekka model after Go Ahead London noted that the original roof identification number depicted on the model was in fact that applied to the vehicle during its period of loan to the Borehamwood Travel division.

The roof number will be changed from BLT SO5 to the correct GAG SO5 which was applied during the vehicles operation on the Go Ahead London Dockland Buses route 425.

A revised design cell PDF file can be viewed HERE

Please see the June 26th News item below for further details regarding these models.

Monday 29 June
Corgi OOC Release Dates Brought Forward
Corgi has rescheduled the expected release of following models from the Autumn to Summer of this year.

CC02741 Pecy's Luxury Travel, Peckham (Only Fools & Horses 'The Jolly Boys Outing') - Plaxton Panorama Coach

OM46315A London Transport (Boulogne all over livery / 88 Acton Green) - AEC Routemaster Double Deck Bus

OM46315B London Transport (Boulogne all over livery / 88 Mitcham Cricketers) - AEC Routemaster Double Deck Bus

Friday 26 June
Little Bus Company Kits Update June/July
An update from Tony Asquith regarding the latest & upcoming kit releases from the Little Bus Company for this Summer.
Pre-orders are advised as the quantities of each kit are based on these with only a small number of additional kits.
It's hoped that most of the forthcoming Summer kits will be available during July.

A full list of other planned kits can be found on the Little Bus Company kits page along with full contact details.

LBC KITS IN STOCK (26th June 2020)
Image Ref No. Model Availability
K48L Bristol K ECW Lowbridge East Kent/Southdown 1948 In Stock
PR48E Leyland Tiger PS1 Park Royal `East Kent` 1948 In Stock
PRV 3 Leyland TD5 Park Royal Lowbridge 'East Kent/Southdown' 1938 In Stock
TD48L Leyland TD5 ECW Lowbridge East Ken, Southdowe, Ribbel 1948 In Stock
WIL 10 Willowbrook 003 11m Coach 1980 In Stock
Image Ref No. Model Availability
DCN1 Duple Carribean Coach 1983 In Production
Due Sum 2020

NC 69 Leyland Leopard N.C.M.E. Dual Purpose Southdown 1969 In Production
Due Sum 2020
NL Bova Europa C53F Coach 1981 In Production
Due Sum 2020

RP AEC Reliance Park Royal DP45F LCBS 'RP class' 1972 In Production
Due Sum 2020

UNC1 Guy Arab 6LW NCME Relaxed Utility Highbridge 1945 In Production
Due Sum 2020
WAY1 Harrington Wayfarer I C26C (Southdown OUF 432-4) In Production
Due Sum 2020

Friday 26 June
Go London Britbus Scania Omnidekka Latest Progress
Chris Cotton has sent me the latest photographs from the Britbus production facility which shows his commissioned Go London Scania Omnidekka models are progressing through the manufacturing process.

The next stage is fitting the inside, seats, poles and driver area in to them. They are still on course for delivery in July.

There are two versions of the model with different destinations for route 425.

ES2-04A Go London Dockland Buses (Clapton destination) - Scania Omnidekka Double Deck Bus<
ES2-04B Go London Dockland Buses (Stratford destination) - Scania Omnidekka Double Deck Bus

Prices are £60 for 1 model or £115 for both, prices include UK postage, 200 of each version will be produced.
If, anyone is interested in buying one or both models, please visit Chris' site.

Chris also informs me that plans to produce a commissioned model of the Lothian Scania Omnidekka 999 have been dropped due to not having enough information for it.

Wednesday 17 June
Northcord Model Press Releases
The Northcord Model Company has issued a press release for the following model which was released in Hong Kong earlier today.

Alexander ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident Open-Topper

ukbus 1501

Northcord Model Company is proud to make the official announcement to relaunch its open top model based on the casting of the Alexander ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident. This is ukbus 1501, a replica of an open-top ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident in the fleet of in London.

ukbus 1501 represents fleet number 18496 (LX06 AHC).

The brand-new, first low-cost London sightseeing tour was launched by megabus, along with Stagecoach London on St. George’s Day, 23rd April 2018. The visitors to the capital were then able to use the great service to take them across London to view 50 of its best known sights. The new service makes a circuit of London without stopping, so customers get to see the sight rather than waiting for other customers at each stop. Each trip on the route is approximately two hours long, and uses a GPS activated pre-recorded ‘guide’. The three circular routes, which run hourly on the hour start from Tower of London, The London Eye, and Park Lane.

With ticket prices staring from only £1 online at the start of the operation, passengers would get to view sights like Big Ben, the Tower of London and London Eye from only 2p a sight, all from the comfort and convenience of a bus. The current price is £9 online.

Nine vehicles, initially used on the service, are former East London and Selkent 2005/06 Alexander ALX400-bodies Dennis Tridents. All Dennis Trident employed on the tour were adapted by manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) in Anston and Harlow. Four vehicles are fully open top and five offer a partially covered top deck. 18496 is one of the partially covered top deck Dennis Trident.

The exterior of the buses proudly sport the well known face of mascot Sid and each vehicle has been named after a famous person with a London link. 18496 is known as Sir Christopher Wren with the St Paul’s Cathedral logo on the bus. The names on the other buses include: King Henry VIII, King George V, Queen Elizabeth II, Lord Nelson, King Charles II, King William I, Sir Winston Churchill, and Queen Victoria.

18496 was new to Stagecoach East London (Selkent) in March 2006 and was amongst the final batch of Alexander Dennis ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident entering service in East London.

The ALX400 open-top replica features excellent detailing inside and out. This is a one-piece casting whose clean lines enhance the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible.

The interior plastic blister has been redesigned to ensure the secure positioning of the model on the plinth by following the shape of the open-top model.

The brand-new Alexander ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident Open Top UKBUS1501 bus models will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), 80M Bus Model Shop and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively. The UKBUS1501 model is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.

Northcord Model Company (NMC) ------ The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

Tuesday 9 June
Oxford Diecast Update
The next edition of the Globe (issue 245) & batch of Oxford Diecast model releases have been delayed until the end of this month.

The June to September catalogue & the next set of new model announcements that are usually published around the start of June have also been delayed due to the on going affects of the pandemic.

Source: Oxford Diecast's Facebook Page.

Tuesday 9 June
Corgi OOC Release Date Pushed Back
Corgi has rescheduled the expected release of following models from the Summer to Autumn of this year. Release dates for the other forthcoming 2020 catalogue OOC models remain unchanged.

OM46624A Arriva London (Release The Kraken livery / 38 Hackney Central) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus

OM46624A Arriva London (Release The Kraken livery / 38 Victoria) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus

Saturday 6 June
New IXO Bus Models Announced
Three further 1/43rd scale bus models have been announced by IXO Models with release dates scheduled for October this year. These will be available to UK model retailers via wholesaler John Ayrey Diecast.
One of the models is a London Transport RT with route 62 destinations, it's somewhat later than the 1939 date quoted in the official description however.
All three models have a UK RRP of £53.99, although the Yardley Bus Club advuise their price will be £40.00 for the RT.

BUS024 Skoda 706 RO White/Brown 1947

BUS025 Ikarus 66 White/Red 1972

BUS026 London Transport AEC Regent III Bus 1939! (RT2043 / LUC 291 - Route 62 - Black & White advert) (Note: Image of vehicle is my own photo)

Thanks are extended to Peter Turland at the Yardley Wood Bus Club for forwarding news of this model to me.
The Yardley Wood Bus Club has a model bus group on Facebook & are still supplying models despite the closure of their website.

Information kindly supplied by

Saturday 6 June
Facebook Groups/Pages Links & Site Changes
David Tait has sent me details of a Scottish model bus group he's involved with, the group normally organizes regular meetings in the Glasgow area, although due to Covid-19 these have now gone online.

Model Bus Scotland Info Group
The group has a presence on Facebook and new members are being invited to join if they have an interest in Scottish model buses.

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

A website is also coming soon.

Facebook Page & Group Links
In relation to the above inks, it's clear that Facebook has become the most popular method for connecting up with fellow model bus enthusiasts, sharing tips, advice & news etc.
Many former online model bus forums have seen a massive drop in posts as a result, with that in mind I've added a new section to the Discussions links page which lists a large number of Facebook Groups, Pages & model operator fleet pages.

If you know of anymore active Facebook links that you think would be worthy of inclusion on the list please drop me an email or leave a comment on the my recent Facebook page posting regarding this subject.

Site Changes for Smart Phone & Tablets
This site when it originally launched as the EFE Zone back in 2004 wasn't designed with small screen mobiles or tablets in mind. It was also hosted on several small size websites provided free by my then ISP.

I'm aware that using the site on smart phones in particular, is not a great experience, this is due mainly to the way the site button navigation is implemented. Sadly there is no easy or quick fix for this, all 6000 plus current site pages will need extensive recoding to correct this issue.

Despite this, I've decided I really need to start the process of making the site friendly for these devices, they are fast becoming the preferred choice for web browsing.
This is likely to be a prolonged process and means I will also need to learn a new system for coding pages to make them much more responsive to the smaller display sizes.
It will also mean changes to the current site navigation, which given the recent level of activity in terms of model releases is probably long overdue. The individual range hubs & domains for the Britbus, CMNL, OOC, Oxford Zones & The Model Bus site will be wound down with everything focused on the main Model Bus Zone site. This change will also cut my costs, as annually registering six different domains has become increasingly expensive over the past few years.

The replacement links for the current Zone hub page domains are already working and have in practice been where the domains have been redirecting you for several years:
(You may wish to update your bookmarks) (Will close 1 Nov 2020) - Use or (Will close: 1 Nov 2020) - Use or (Will close 1 Nov 2020) - Use (Domain already closed) - Use (Will close 1 Nov 2020) - Use there are no plans to close this domain at present.

Be assured that I have no intention of removing any of the actual model content currently associated with the above domains/hubs, it will all eventually be indexed from a new single & uniform site wide navigation bar that properly adjusts to suit all display sizes.

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