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Wednesday 30 May
Confirmed Asianbus Model Release
A new commissioned Britbus model has been released in the Asianbus range and features a Dublin Bus Localink branded MCW Metrorider Bus. The model is based on the Hong Kong version which has the taller front destination display compared to the other UK versions.

The model is limited to 200 pieces & was commissioned exclusively for Adrian Lemon. I believe the models are priced €40 plus €5 p&p and are only available directly from the commissioner.

Thanks are extended to David Rowe for supplying a set of photographs showing the final production model & packaging.

MRL-10 Dublin Bus (88 D 31372 on Localink route 203 to Carriglea) - MCW Mertorider Single Deck Bus

Tuesday 29 May
Confirmed EFE Model Release
Bachmann are now distributing the following EFE model to appointed retailers.

20458 Midland Fox (route 185 Countesthorpe via Blaby) - Bristol VRT Series 2 ECW Double Deck Bus

Monday 28 May
Atlas Editions Is Winding Down Operations
A visit to the Atlas Editions website now produces a message stating that the company is no longer accepting any new subscriptions for its various collections.

The site also states that existing subscribers will continue to receive products for current collections that they are signed up for. They can also continue to access their account online via the site's home page.

Site visitors are now encouraged to go to the parent company's DeAgostini Model-Space site where many of the former Atlas Edition diecast models can be purchased on an individual basis now.

Another batch of European bus and coach models have also been released to UK retailers in the past week via wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts. Indeed virtually all the current Atlas diecast model collections are now available via John Ayrey to some extent.

Wednesday 23 May
TiNY Kits Update
Limited stock of the recently released 1955 Southdown Park Royal single deck bus kit (TK37S) is now available from TiNY for £37.00 plus P&P.

TK37S 1955 Southdown Park Royal single deck bus kit

A pre-production sample photograph of the forthcoming Yorkshire Traction version of the kit has also been published.
Reservations are being accepted for this kit now.

TK37Y 1955 Yorkshire Traction Park Royal single deck bus kit

Further details of the currently available & planned kits can be found on the TiNY kits page along with full contact details.

Monday 21 May
Upcoming EFE Model Release
The following EFE model has now arrived in the Bachmann Warehouse and will be distributed to appointed retailers over the coming days.

This is the first release of the enhanced Bristol VRT series II tooling. It now has additional side body panel beading on the between deck panels and below the side windows. Driving mirrors are also been fitted for the first time.

20458 Midland Fox (route 185 Countesthorpe via Blaby) - Bristol VRT Series 2 ECW Double Deck Bus

Saturday 19 May
Little Bus Company Kits Update
News of two kit re-issues being prepared by LBC and photographs of some of the latest masters of models expected to be released later this year.

As usual production numbers will be closely based on pre-orders received, so it is highly recommended take use this option if any kits are of interest.

Full contact details & a complete list of all the other proposed future kits can be found on the Little Bus Company page in the kits section.

Image Ref No. Model Availability
14T12 London Transport AEC Regal Weymann 1946 In Stock
BD 59 Bedford Duple Super Vega 1959 In Stock
BURL 1 Leyland TS 7 Burlingham Half cab bus 1948 In Stock
Kits Re-Issues Due in 2018/9
PRV 3 Leyland TD5 Park Royal Lowbridge 'East Kent/Southdown' 1938 Re-Issue Due 2018/9
WAY 4 AEC/Leyland Harrington Wayfarer 4 1956 Re-Issue Due 2018/9
Kits Releases Expected later in 2018
LS 51R Bristol LS ECW 'Royal Blue' 1951 Due 2018
TS6T Leyland TS6T Short Bros Bus `Southdown Beachy Head` 1938 Due 2018
LHM Bristol LH Marshall Royal Blue Coach 1973 Due 2018
ECW67 Bedford VAM / ECW bus 1967
(ECOC, WYRCC, Southern/Western National)
Due 2018
WEY63 Weymann 'Castillian' Coach- Pan Windows - Southdown - 1963 Due 2018
BD 2 Bedford Duple MK IV service bus Due 2018
DCN1/2 Duple Carribean 1/2 1983 Due 2018

Thursday 17 May
New Kits Announced By Saltire Models
Saltire Models has announced four new kits which are due to be released in 2018/9.
Reservation are currently being accepted for all of these kits. Please visit the Saltire Model Bus Kits page for a list of all the other planned kits & full contact details.
Image Ref No. Model Availability

 -- ADL Enviro300 Single Deck Bus
(We have taken over the Alan Johnson master of this kit and it will have all new seats & chassis)
Forthcoming Kit
Due t.b.a.
Reserve Now

 -- Volvo B8RLE Evora Single Deck Bus Forthcoming Kit
late 18/early 19
Reserve Now

 -- Noone Turas 700 Midi Coach Forthcoming Kit
Due Early 2019
Reserve Now

 -- Ford Transit Dormobile Minibus/td> Forthcoming Kit
Due Late 2019
Reserve Now

Monday 14 May
Confirmed Corgi OOC Releases
Corgi have now released the following OOC models to UK retailers.
The route and destinations applied to these models have also been confirmed and are shown below.

OM46313A London & Country (406 Epsom) - AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
OM46313B London & Country (414 Leatherhead) - AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Wednesday 09 May
Next Corgi OOC Releases
Corgi will release the following OOC models to UK retailers shortly.

OM46313A London & Country (Epsom destination) - AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
OM46313B London & Country (Leatherhead destination) - AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus

Tuesday 08 May
Northcord Model Co Press Release - UKBUS6503
Northcord Models issued the following press release last week and this model was released in Hong Kong yesterday, it is expected to arrive in the UK during June.


ADL Enviro400 MMC ukbus 6503 Stagecoach London,

Northcord Model Company is pleased to announce the release of ukbus 6503, the second release of the long awaited 10.3 metre 2-door casting of this distinctive, modern, double-decker in the United Kingdom.

The second livery to be carried on the brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC model, is Stagecoach London with standard London red livery.

ukbus 6503 represents fleet number 10347 (SN16 OLO) that has 10.3 metre, dual-door bodywork and was new to Stagecoach London in April 2016. 10347 has a Euro6 diesel driveline and is based at Stagecoach London’s Romford Garage where it operates on busy route 498 which runs between Brentwood and Queen’s Hospital.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC ukbus 6503 is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the square-cornered, patented quick-release windows of the real bus and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another main feature on the ukbus 6503 model is its single tree protector at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck.

Northcord Model Company is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, will represent the real, outstanding layout of the Enviro400 MMC, such as the additional ventilation equipment on the upper deck ceiling, and the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck, etc.

When compared with the previously issued ukbus 6501 (Enviro400H MMC) in Go-Ahead London livery, ukbus 6503 is fitted with the brand new rear dome representing the basic, diesel version with lower-located service number blind aperture and grilles above the lower window.

The ukbus 6503 model is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Tuesday 08 May
Confirmed Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Release
The following model has now been released to UK model retailers.

NWFL001 Southdown - Leyland Royal Tiger Weymann Fanfare Coach (N scale)

This model was also issued in the Southdown Bus set NSET003 released in October 2017.

Wednesday 02 May
Next Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Releases
The following model is expected to be released to UK model retailers next week.

NWFL001 Southdown - Leyland Royal Tiger Weymann Fanfare Coach (N scale)

This model was also issued in the Southdown Bus set NSET003 released in October 2017.

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