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January 2012
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Monday 30 January
Next EFE Releases & Release of Second EFE Subscribers Model
The following pair of models are scheduled for release during the week ending 11th February.

28009 Maidstone & District N.B.C. - Single Door Daimler Fleetline DMS
36203 British Airways - AEC RMA Routemaster & Luggage Trailer
Release information kindly supplied by

The following model is now being posted out by EFE to Subscription Service Members who ordered it.

35704 London Transport Green Line - AEC Reliance RC Class Coach

Wednesday 25 January
eBay Sellers Sponging My Bandwidth
Its come to my attention that some sellers on eBay are now 'live linking' directly to the model photographs on this site and therefore sponging my bandwidth everytime their model listings on eBay are viewed.
One particular seller currently has around 80 models listed, each of which has two photographs that load directly from the EFE Zone, this alone amounts to a fair chunk of extra bandwidth.

Please note I'm not a photo hosting service and I have to pay for all the bandwidth used by this site, if you are doing this please cease as I'm now taking action to block any photographs used in this way.
My site hosting company provides a handy list of all the possible sponger links so I don't even have to search eBay to identify the offenders!

Update: 17 February - I'm now taking direct action against any sellers who continue to sponge my bandwidth on an industrial scale, the picture that shows up on your eBay page will be downgraded in quality and will probably show a completely different model to that being offered. So continue use my bandwidth at your own risk!

Please can I also ask you to respect the Copyright of the original suppliers of the photographs on my sites, under no circumstances should any such marked photographs be linked too or posted on eBay or anywhere else.
eBay will be informed of any such Copyright infringements on their site.

Sorry for this rant but if this gets out of hand I won't be able afford the extra bandwidth costs involved and will have no option but to close this site.

Kevin Ellis

Wednesday 25 January
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following models have now been released by EFE.

13601 Express Dairy - AEC Ergo 3 Axle Tanker Lorry
15807 Scottish Motor Traction - Leyland PD1 Lowbridge
29011 Strathtay Scottish - Daimler Fleetline GM Standard

Wednesday 25 January
Four Confirmed B-T Models Releases
The following B-T Models have now been released in the UK.

B003 Ulsterbus Tours - Duple Dominant II Coach
DA33 Peter Slater Ltd - Albion Reiver 4 Axle Bulk Tipper
A005 Karrier Bantam Bottled Drinks Lorry (Yellow)
A008 Foden DG 3 Axle Dropside Lorry (Red)

Tuesday 24 January
B-T Models' next Duple Dominant Models
The next pair of Duple Dominant II Coaches will be in the following liveries.
B007 Maidstone & District (Green & white livery) on route 900 to Gillingham Bus Station
B008 East Kent / National (white livery) on route 001 to Ramsgate

Further details and pictures will be posted in due course
Information kindly supplied by

Tuesday 24 January
New Model Announcements By Oxford
A couple of new bus related items have been announced by Oxford Diecast and are scheduled for release in the Spring or Summer.

76AK015 Austin K8 - Midland Red - 1:76

76OWB005 Bedford OWB - Merthyr Tydfil - 1:76

Oxford have also announced a number of other new 1:76 toolings as follows:

Austin Atlantic Saloon
Bently Mk VI
Morris Marina
Vauxhall Viva HB

Commercials / Vans
Austin Tilly Pickup
Bedford OX 30 Mobile Canteen
Ford Transit MkI Beavertail Car Transporter
Reliant Regal Supervan
VW LT25 Van
VW LT25 Minibus
VW LT25 Camper Van
Tricycle Van

Sunday 22 January
Next EFE Releases
The following EFE models are scheduled for release later this week.

13601 Express Dairy - AEC Ergo 3 Axle Tanker Lorry
15807 Scottish Motor Traction - Leyland PD1 Lowbridge
29011 Strathtay Scottish - Daimler Fleetline GM Standard
Release information kindly supplied by

Wednesday 18 January
B-T Models Release Two More Duple Coaches
B-T Models have now released the second pair of Duple Dominant Coaches.

B002 Green Line - Duple Dominant II Coach
B005 Lothian Region Transport - Duple Dominant II Coach

Monday 16 January
Six New EFE Models Announced
& A Confirmed Subscriber Model Release
EFE have announced details of six new models, all the models are scheduled for release in either February or March.
Cat No. 16534
Vehicle Short Leyland Atlantean MCW
Operator Northern General
Fleet No. 1894
Registration 894 EUP
Route 6 South Shields
Expected March
Cat No. 20137
Vehicle Bedford OB Duple Vista Coach
Operator Southern Vectis
Fleet No. 221
Registration GDL 796
Route 24 Sandown
Expected February
Cat No. 20011
Vehicle Leyland Titan PD2 Orion
Operator Tynemouth
Fleet No. 230
Registration AFT 930
Route 1A Whitley Bay
Expected March
Cat No. 29506
Vehicle Plaxton Panorama Elite Coach
Operator Southern National
Fleet No. 2421
Registration USV 823
Route X94 Bridgwater
Expected March
Cat No. 29507
Vehicle Plaxton Panorama Elite Coach
Operator Black & White
Fleet No. 334
Registration ADG 334K
Route Llandudno
Expected March
Cat No. 38501
Vehicle Open Top RM Class Routemaster
Operator East Yorkshire
Fleet No. 812
Registration ALM 65B
Route None
Expected February
You can view the latest EFE trade release sheet at

The first of the latest pair of subscriber models is now being posted out by EFE.

29308 Wilts & Dorset (route 110) - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus

Thursday 12 January & Updated Friday 13 January
CMNL Loses Major Business Partner
The UK Distributor of Creative Master Northcord Ltd (CMNL) models as released a press statement informing retailers that Creative Master Ltd (CML) have been declared bankrupt.

Creative Master Northcord Ltd is still trading profitably, but with the loss of the majority partner CML and it's manufacturing facility, further delays to the model production schedule must be expected.

The following News Release has been issued by CMNL today.

Creative Master Northcord Limited
News Release
For immediate release
Date: 13th January 2012.

CMNL Situation Update

Due to the unexpected closure of the manufacturing business of our majority partner, Creative Master Limited, the production schedule of CMNL is being affected seriously. Although CMNL was trading profitably at the time, the failure of CML has impacted upon CMNL's ability to use production facilities.

In the meantime CMNL will be actively seeking out other alternative manufacturers. CMNL is independently owned and hopefully the matter will be resolved in the near future. CMNL will release more information in due course, as soon as anything further is known.

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
The World's Miniature Bus Co.

Thursday 12 January
Latest Release From Atlas Editions
The following model is now being sent out to some Atlas Edition customers

GBB22 Hants & Dorset NBC - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panorama Coach

Wednesday 11 January
Six Lorries Released by B-T Models
The following models have been released by B-T Models

N Scale
N002 British Road Services 'Argyll Group' - Albion CX7 4 Axle Flatbed
N004 British Road Services 'BRS Bouts Tillotson' - Foden DG 4 Axle Flatbed
N005 James Spencer - Albion CX7 4 Axle Flatbed
1/76 Scale
A001 Leyland FG Boxvan - Red cab & white body
A007 Leyland FG Integral Van - White
DA35 Dalmore Distillery with Barrels Load - Commer 2 Axle Flatbed

Wednesday 11 January
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following pair of models have now been released by EFE.

16012 East Yorkshire - Leyland Titan PD2 Lowbridge
23321 B.E.A. / Greenline - AEC RF Coach

Friday 6 January
Next EFE Releases
The following pair of models are due to be released during the week ending the 14th January.

16012 East Yorkshire - Leyland Titan PD2 Lowbridge
23321 B.E.A. / Greenline - AEC RF Coach
Release Information kindly supplied by

Tuesday 3 January
New OOC Models Announced
Corgi have published details of the OOC models which feature in their new Catalogue covering the period April to June 2012. This is a smaller catalogue than normal as Corgi have revised the period covered by their two annual catalogues, in future these will cover the periods January to June & July to December.
There are five new individual OOC models, four of which will have dual destination options, Additionally there is a three model gift set, London Then & Now which includes the New Bus for London model. A full preview of the new catalogue can be found on the Corgi Website.
Cat No. OM41413A/B
Vehicle Daimler CVG6 Roe
Operator Tyne & Wear PTE
Fleet No.  --
Registration FCU 829
Routes (A) 30 Cleadon
 (B) 11 Marsden
Expected June
Cat No. OM41608A/B
Vehicle Crossley DD42
Operator Luton Corporation Transport
Fleet No. 92
Registration EBM 92
Routes (A) 1 Seymor Avenue, Park Square
 (B) 4 Park Square Dunstable Road
Expected May
Cat No. OM46016A/B
Vehicle Wright Eclipse Urban
Operator McGills
Fleet No. 220
Registration RX06 WPP
Routes (A) 38 Glasgow
 (B) 38 Paisley
Expected June
Cat No. OM46210
Vehicle Scania Irizar PB Coach
Operator Brighton & Hove
Fleet No. 502
Registration HF08 UHT
Route  None
Expected April
Cat No. OM46403A/B
Vehicle Caetano Levante
Operator National Express Shamrock livery
(operated by Silverdale Travel)
Fleet No.  --
Registration FJ10 EZT
Routes (A) 450 Mansfield via Nottingham
 (B) 450 London via Nottingham
Expected April
Cat No. OM49904
Set London Transport Then & Now
Vehicles Trolleybus, Routemaster
 & New Bus for London
Fleet No. 1817, RM1039, MN0123
Registration HYM 817, 39 CLT, BU12 HHJ
Routes 605 Teddington, 16 Victoria
 & 23 Liverpool Street
Expected  April

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