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Thursday 29 December Model Lists Updated
If you've visited the site since Christmas, you will probably already be aware that I've taken over the running of this site from it's original owner Tony Price.

I plan to make regular updates to the site and have today uploaded an updated set of Peter Harrison's Model Lists, these now cover all the models released to the end of 2011 and include a new list showing all the 1/76 scale model buses released during 2011.
The list now contain details of over 5800 1/76 scale models including over 4200 model buses. The Operator List now contains details of all the models associated with nearly 900 different operators!

The extensive Links Section has also been updated with a number of new sites while many previously broken links have been fixed or marked as offline. Three previously missing pages for "Accessories & Resources", "History" & "Museums & Preservation" have also been fully restored and contain many useful sites.

In the longer term I will probably merge much of the site's contents in to my existing sites which in turn during 2012 will be re-focused away from current four individual manufacturer centred sites into one covering these and some of the other new & emerging manufacturers of model buses.

A big thank you goes to Tony Price for allowing me to take over his site and preserve the content which he has put so much time and effort in to creating it since 2006. I know over the past 18 months or so he has had a difficult time due to various circumstances and hasn't been able to devote the time he would have liked to updating the site.

I wish Tony all the best in the future and look forward to any contributions he may make in future.
Finally I hope my new input will come up to his previous excellent high standards.

Best regards
Kevin Ellis

Thursday 29 December
B-T Models: New Model Photograph Published
John Ayrey have published the first photograph of another of the forthcoming B-T Models lorries.

DA29 West Riding of Yorkshire - Leyland FG Mobile Library
B006 Crosville De-Cambria NBC - Leyland Leopard Duple Dominant II Coach

Friday 23 December & Updated Saturday 24 December
EFE Release Sheet 10 & Subscriber Models
EFE have posted out the final release sheet of 2011 to it's subscribers along with order forms for the following pair of exclusive subscriber models.
Cat No. 29308
Vehicle Leyland Olympian
Operator Wilts & Dorset
Fleet No. 3912
Registration EWY 80Y
Route 110 Lansdowne Bournemouth
Expected EFE Subscribers Only
Cat No. 35704
Vehicle AEC Reliance Willowbrook Coach
Operator Green Line
Fleet No. RC4
Registration CUV 62C
Route 725 Northfleet
Expected EFE Subscribers Only
Details of how to subscribe to the EFE Collectors Association and receive these exclusive model offers can be found on EFE's official site.

The latest EFE Newsletter lists the following previously unannounced as future releases, there are no other details as yet.
20137 Southern Vectis Bedford Ob Coach
38501 East Yorkshire - Open Top RM Routemaster
29506 Southern National - Plaxton Panorama Coach

The newsletter also gives details of the first pair of liveries for the new flat windscreen Bristol VR model.
The first release will feature a Midland Alexander bus in blue & cream livery, this will be followed by a Ribble example in the operator's traditional dark red & cream colours. Both models are expected to be released in the early Spring.

Courtesy of EFE, a PDF version of the latest Release Sheet plus smaller scans of the latest release sheets
Release Sheet Issue 10 2011 Scan  New Year Subscriber Models
Click Here for PDF Version (4.5mb)

Friday 23 December
OOC Borismaster Model
A sample of the new OOC model of the "New Bus for London" was presented to the London Mayor Boris Johnson last week by Corgi during the press launch of the first production vehicle.

A Photograph of the said model has been posted on the German site The news story and photograph can be found on the following page (scroll down the page to view):

Friday 23 December
B-T Models Releases
B-T Models have now been released the first pair of Duple Dominant Coach models and the first N scale lorries in the UK. These should be arriving at retailers shortly.

B001 National Travel East (National White) - Leyland Leopard Duple Dominant II Coach
B004 Brighton & Hove (National White) - Leyland Leopard Duple Dominant II Coach

N006 Kosset Carpets - Leyland FG Van (N Scale)
N008 Mothers Pride - Leyland FG Van (N Scale)

Wednesday 21 December
EFE Formally Announces Eight New Models
The latest trade order sheet from EFE lists eight models that are due for release in January & February 2012. There's only one model that hasn't previously been previewed by EFE.
Cat No. 13601
Vehicle AEC Ergo 3 Axle Elliptical Tanker
Operator Express Dairy
Fleet No. 3415
Registration KGC 290D
Route --
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 15807
Vehicle Leyland PD1 Lowbridge
Operator Scottish Motor Traction
Fleet No. HH 19 B
Registration BVD 934
Route 12 Bathgate
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 23321
Vehicle AEC RF Coach
Operator Greenline B.E.A.
Fleet No. RF 290
Registration MLL 927
Route BEA executive express
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 29011
Vehicle GM Standard Fleetline
Operator Strathtay
Fleet No. SD 17
Registration LJA 478P
Route 74 Invergowrie
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 34107
Vehicle AEC RT Bus
Operator London Transport
Fleet No. RT 1538
Registration KGU 298
Route 146 Downe
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 36203
Vehicle RMA Routemaster & Trailer
Operator British Airways
Fleet No. BEA 51
Registration NMY 651E
Route --
Expected Expected January
Cat No. 28009
Vehicle Daimler Fleetline DMS 1 Door
Operator Maidstone & District N.B.C.
Fleet No. 5025
Registration SMU 737N
Route 195 Grain
Expected Expected February
Cat No. 37901
Vehicle Alexander Y Type
Operator Tyne & Wear PTE
Fleet No. 1838
Registration GNL 838N
Route 77 Darras Hall
Expected Expected February
The trade release sheet can be viewed at

Saturday 17 December
Dedicated EFE News Page
If you have visited my other Zone sites you will probably already be aware that news relating to OOC, Britbus, Base Toys & CMNL is now being provided via this single combined news page and that it also carries all the EFE reports found on the dedicated EFE News page. I've decided that from January I will cease maintaining the separate EFE News pages and concentrate all my efforts on this page. The EFE Zone News link will be altered to link to this page which now allows you to filter content to only show items relating to particular manufacturers that are of interest. (see top of page)

I also intend over the coming months to provide a more comprehensive interface which will allow a single point of access to what is currently covered on the four individual Zone sites. Access to this hub will be via my main domain, the existing Britbus, CMNL, EFE & OOC Zone home pages will continue but it's likely that over time these will scaled back to provide a simpler hub to all the content specific to each particular model range.

The reasons for these changes are two fold, firstly they will cut down the large amount of page editing currently needed to maintain four separate sites and secondly they will also allow me to better cover the fast changing model bus market, in particular the emerging range of resin models and those from other manufacturers such as Oxford, Graham Farish & Forward Models.
All the content currently on the sites will remain but hopefully the changes will make getting to it much easier.
If you have any comments regarding the charges please feel free to email me.

Kevin Ellis

Friday 16 December
B-T Models - New Model Photograph
Wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts has published the first photograph of another of the forthcoming B-T Models.

DA32 Russell of Bathgate - Leyland Mastiff Articulated Flatbed Lorry

Monday 12 December
Confirmed OOC Release
The following model has now been released by Corgi and is the last planned OOC release of 2011.

OM46402 East Yorkshire Coaches - Caetano CT650 Levante Coach (1000 Pieces)

Sunday 11 December & Updated 13 December
Revell RML Kit Released
Revell have published new photographs showing a finished example of the new 1:24 scale kit which is expected to be released in the UK shortly.

The photographs show a general nearside shot of the model and also close ups which reveal the interior & engine detailing.
You can view the full size photographs on the German Revell site.

Update 13 December
Ace Model Buses have confirmed that the kit has now been released in the UK.
The box artwork states the model is indeed 1:24 scale and is 38.1cm long when built, this figure differs from the 286mm currently quoted on the Revell site.
The kit is supplied with two choices of engine, either a Leyland or Scania. There are decals for two different versions of the bus which include destination blinds for both route 38 & 76. The RRP is confirmed as £39.99.
Release information kindly supplied by

Wednesday 7 December
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following six models have now been released and will be EFE's only releases this month.

16133 Southdown (route 13)- Leyland PD2 Highbridge
16228 Royal Blue/Western National - Bristol LS (MW) Coach
18613 Arriva Wales - Bristol VR Series 3 Open Top
31506 Strathtay - AEC RM Class Routemaster
35207 Stratford Blue - 36' BET Six Bay Single Deck Bus
35208 Maidstone & District (route 57) - 36' BET Six Bay Single Deck Bus

Exclusive First Editions have now launched their new look website which includes a new shop section that lists all their current model stock.

Tuesday 6 December
Confirmed Atlas Editions Release
The following model has recently been sent out to some customers by Atlas Editions. I haven't received my example to date so if anyone can supply photographs of the model they'd be much appreciated.
GBB21 Lincoln Corporation - Leyland PD2 Roe Double Deck Bus

Tuesday 6 December
Confirmed OOC Release
The following model has now been released by Corgi.

OM46212 Grayline / Edinburgh Coachlines - Scania Irizar PB Coach (1000 Pieces)

Monday 5 December
EFE At Manchester Transport Museum
EFE attended the Manchester Museum of Transport's Christmas Cracker event over the weekend and had a display of models which included several early samples of the new flat fronted Bristol VRT and Alexander Y Type bus & coach models.

A small number of previously unannounced models were also on display, these included an RMA with luggage trailer in British Airways blue & white livery, a Southern Vectis Bedford OB in Tilling green & cream and a green NBC Maidstone & District single door Daimler Fleetline DMS.
The Express Dairy AEC Ergo Milk Tanker announced in the last subscriber newsletter was also exhibited along with the new Northern General MCW Atlantean & Tyne & Wear PTE Alexander Y Type bus which were illustrated on the Fleet Focus Sheet issued by EFE earlier this month (see my previous new posting below).

Regarding the latest EFE Fleet Focus Sheet several people have contacted to point out that Tyne & Wear PTE weren't actually part of Northern General. Some Northern General & United vehicles were however painted in Tyne & Wear colours and these have been the subject of earlier EFE releases which may explain the inclusion on the sheet.

Thursday 1 December
Latest EFE Subscriber's Newsletter
The 9th Subscriber's Newsletter of 2011 arrived today from EFE.

New Tooling Update
The final adjustments have now been completed for the flat fronted Bristol VRT tooling and the moulds have progressed from tooling and been released to the factory for production to start.

The modifications to the moulds to create the multi windowed bus version of the Alexander Y type, has progressed to seconds shots. When EFE receive these samples they should be ready to be approved and released to the factory for production to start. With these mould modifications it will enable EFE to produce 11 versions of this model based on body types and the three styles of entrance doors. The first model to include the revised doors and new seats is E37901 the Tyne & Wear Dual Purpose bus listed below.

EFE At Manchester Museum
EFE will be attending the Christmas Cracker Fair at the Manchester Museum of Transport over the weekend of the 3rd & 4th December. The Museum is located in Boyle Street, Manchester M8 8UW. A free heritage bus service will operate between the Museum & Manchester Victoria Station during the event every 20 mins between 9.50am & 16.50pm. EFE will have a display of new & forthcoming model release samples along with shots of the new Bristol VRT and Alexander Y type models plus a few extra treats.
Further details can be found on the Museum's website at

New EFE Website Launching Soon
EFE will shortly launch a new revamped website. This will be more pro active and easier to use and in addition to the Master List of models it will also include a Back Stock List and Current Stock List, both with images and prices for the models.

New Subscriber Models
EFE are preparing two exclusive models for their Subscribers, the first is a Wilts & Dorset Leyland Olympian while the other is a Green Line RC class coach. Full details will be announced in the next subscriber mailing.

New Model Announcements
The following pair of previously unannounced models are listed in the latest newsletter, there are no other details as yet.
13601 Express Dairies - AEC Ergo 3 Axle Tanker
23321 B.E.A. Executive Coach - AEC RF Coach

The following models are listed as future releases in the Northern Fleet Focus on the rear of release sheet 9.
Cat No. 16534
Vehicle Leyland MCW Atlantean
Operator Northern General
Fleet No. 1894
Registration 894 EUP
Route 6 South Shields
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 37901
Vehicle Alexander Y Type
Operator Tyne & Wear PTE
Fleet No. 1838
Registration GNL 838N
Route 77 Darras Hall
Expected To be announced
Courtesy of EFE, a PDF version of the latest Release Sheet plus smaller scans of the latest release sheets
Release Sheet Issue 9 2011 Scan  Northern General Fleet Focus Part 2
Click Here for PDF Version (5.6mb)

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