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Tuesday 10 December
Northcord Press Release: UKBUS6512
The following press release has been issued by the Northcord Model Company.

ADL Enviro400 MMC
ukbus 6512 Southern Vectis

Following the significant success in launching the brand new casting of the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC model in the livery of National Express West Midlands, Stagecoach in Oxfordshire, Bluestar, Stagecoach West Scotland and Stagecoach South, Northcord Model Company is now releasing the seventh livery on the 10.9 metre long, single-door casting – ukbus 6512 in the livery of Southern Vectis with full decoration to promote the “Go Green Go Clean” bus on the Isle of Wight on the famous route 3.

ukbus 6512 represents fleet number 1660 (HW67 AHY) that has 10.9 metre, single door bodywork and was new to Southern Vectis in 2018. 1660 carries a full, green livery for route 3, showing the destination to Ryde. The stand-out features of the branding are : “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” and “PROTECTING YOUR ISLAND” on the nearside, “1 FULL BUS CAN TAKE 75 CARS OFF THE ROAD” and “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” on the offside, and “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” at the rear.

Further additional details carried by the model include the destination board with ‘3 Sandown, Ryde’ on both sides.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC ukbus 6512 is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the square, gasket-mounted windows and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another main feature on the ukbus 6512 model is its twin tree protectors at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck.

Northcord Model Company is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, will represent the real, outstanding layout of the Enviro400 MMC, such as the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck, etc.

The ukbus 6512 model models will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), 80M Bus Model Shop and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively. The ukbus 6512 model is limited tois limited to 1200 pieces worldwide.

Northcord Model Company (NMC)------The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

Tuesday 10 December
Model Spotlight: Oxford Diecast 1/43 Southdown Weymann Fanfare Coach
For my second spotlight on the Oxford Diecast range of models I've chosen the company's largest Omnibus range offering, the 1/43rd scale Weymann Fanfare coach in Southdown livery. This model depicts the Leyland Tiger Cub version of the 1950s vehicle, Oxford have also produced an AEC Reliance version in South Wales Transport livery. Both of the models have been marketed as specials to commemorate "Oxford Diecast 25th Anniversary".

The Southdown Weymann Fanfare coach has already been produced in both 1/76 (76WFL001) & N scale (NSET003 & NWFL001) by Oxford and all the issues including this latest up scaled version have depicted the same vehicle XUF 141 / 1141.

A review of both of the smaller scale offerings can be found in the model reviews section.

Below are a selection of large photographs showing the model I purchased. Each photograph will open in new window/tab.
A full HD Video slide show with many additional images is also available below in the form of a You Tube video.

Below is a video slide show that includes all the above photographs & many more. Click the YouTube logo or link below to view in full HD on the You Tube site.

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Friday 06 December
Confirmed UK Northcord Model Releases
The following Northcord ADL Enviro400 MMC models have now been released & should be with UK retailers shortly.

UKBUS6513 Stagecoach South (10892 / YX67 VCE - Route 64 Winchester) - ADL Enviro400 MMC 10.9m Double Deck Bus

UKBUS6514 First Glasgow (33201 HB / SK68 LWN - Route 75 Castlemilk via City Centre) - ADL Enviro400 MMC 10.5m Double Deck Bus

Information kindly supplied by

Friday 29 November
Transfers To Correct Sunstar Routemasters
Sunstar made a bit of a mess of their recent pair of 1/24th scale Routemaster releases by making a number of mainly small errors. These were fully outlined in my posting on 2nd September 2019.
ACE Model Buses has produced a number of transfers that correct the issues with the fleet numbers & registrations on these models. For the Red Arriva RM2217 there is a white fleet number for the side of the bonnet which was omitted by Sunstar.

The Gold model has multiple errors, it carries Arriva fleet names but the registration 650 DYE relates to First London RM1650/SRM3. The fleet number RM6 does relate to a gold Arriva vehicle, but that bus had a white between decks band and Jubilee Place TFL adverts.
A better match for the gold model would be Arriva's RM25/VLT 25 which not only had the all gold livery but also carried the Surf adverts depicted on the model. Ace Model Buses has produced front & rear reflective VLT 25 registration plates & a white RM25 fleet number for the bonnet. The real vehicle didn't have an offside number applied.
Each individual transfer is £2.40 plus £1.00 UK postage for any quantity of transfers.

For further details please visit

Tuesday 26 November
Rapido New Look Birmingham Bus Models Released in UK
Rapido Trains launched their range of New Look Guy Arab IV Birmingham bus models at last weekends Warley Model Railway Exhibition.
TTC Diecast have informed me that they have now taken stock of their models and will be shipping orders from tomorrow onwards.

There are two versions of each of the twelve different models, the standard version is £39.99, while the deluxe version with additional working lights, internal saloon lighting & illuminated destination displays is available for £49.99.
Various different routes & vehicles are available and although the majority of the models come in the traditional dark blue & cream Birmingham City Transport livery there are also four in the later West Midlands PTE scheme.
You can find photographs of more of the final production models on the TTC site.
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 25 November
Miscellaneous Model Releases
News of a couple of recent model bus releases that might be of interest.

Greenlight has just releases a 1/43rd scale model of the bus featured in the 1994 Hollywood movie Speed starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper & Sandra Bullock. The model is based on a 1960s GM TDH5301 New Look vehicle and carries the blue, silver & white Santa Monica Intercity Bus Lines livery along with fleet numbers 2525. The side & rear adverts are also reproduced as per the movie.

Greenlight 86544 - General Motors TDH #2525 Los Angeles Downtown Bus Movie Speed blue/silver/white 1960 (1/43rd scale)

The model has a UK RRP of £67.99 and will be available to model retailers via various wholesalers such as John Ayrey Diecasts & Clevelands Diecast.

Also now available in the UK is the civilian plastic kit version of the Old Bill bus in 1/72nd scale, the Roden kit contains transfers for the 1914 London General vehicle B2737. Blinds for route 9 & a full set of period adverts are also included.

Roden URO739 - LGOC B Type Bus (1/72nd scale plastic kit)

A WWI military version of the model URO732 is also available and was released earlier this year. Both kits have a UK RRP of £15.99
More details can be found on Bachmann's site.

Tuesday 19 November
Next Oxford Diecast Releases
The next batch of releases due from Oxford Diecast shortly will include two Southdown related models.

76CA018 British Railways - Bedford CA Minibus (1/76th scale / Re-issue)

76WFL003 Southdown - Weymann Fanfare Leyland coach (1/76th scale)

NTRAIL014 Southdown - Mobile Booking Office Trailer (N scale)

Tuesday 12 November
Model Spotlight: EFE London Transport Gold Jubilee Leyland National
This spotlight focuses on the latest model release by Bachmann Europe in its Exculsive First Editions range.

The model is now available from Bachmann appointed stockists has a RRP of £29.95.

E16611 - Leyland National Mk1 Short 2-Door LT Golden Jubilee

London Transport celebrated its fiftieth birthday on 1st July 1983 and in commemoration, a series of Golden Jubilee events were held at various LT Works and bus garages from April to October 1983. Nearly twenty LT vehicles received Golden Jubilee liveries, several in an attractive rendition of the old pre-1933 General livery.

On 2nd/3rd July 1983, a special gala weekend was held at Chiswick and Acton Works, where the only Golden Jubilee single decker took part. Leyland National LS194 registration THX 194S allocated to Croydon Garage ran in this livery from June 1983 until the end of the year, being repainted red early in 1984.

Shown with route 234A blinds at the front, the rear triple track number blinds did not have letters and therefore 234 was displayed at the back.

The original silver roof was overpainted white just prior to the Chiswick Gala.

Below are a selection of large photographs showing the model kindly supplied by Bachmann. Each photograph will open in new window/tab.
A full HD Video slide show with some additional images is also available below in the form of a YouTube video.

Below is a video slide show of all the above photographs & a few extras. Click the YouTube logo to view at full size.

This isn't the first model produced depicting one of the many special liveries applied to London vehicles during 1983 to mark London Transport's Golden Jubilee.
Here's a summary of the other models produced & some links to photographs of those so far overlooked.

The Gold Liveries
Two vehicles received gold liveries, Routemaster RM1983 & Leyland Titan T1983, RM1983 hasn't been reproduced in 1/76th scale yet, but Sunstar did it in 1/24th.

   Sunstar H2911 - RM1983             EFE 28823 T1983 (aka T747)

The 1933 Liveries
Most of the other special liveries applied were based on the early London Transport livery of red with white window surrounds & silver roof. These schemes were applied to the following vehicles: DS1933, LS194, M359, RM8, RM17, RM1933, RM2116 & Ensignbus DF1682. The Plumstead Garage Sports Club also applied the livery to their privately owned RMA56.
Five of buses these have been reproduced in model form to date although again RM1933 can only be found in Oxford Diecast N & Sunstar 1/24th scales.

EFE 25706 (Set 99918) DS1933                       EFE E16611 LS194                    Sunstar H2909 RM1933    EFE 15619 (Set 99911) RM2116   EFE 28003 Ensignbus DF1682

Here's some links to photographs of the other four vehicles not yet available in model form.
M 359 (Flickr) - RM 8 (Flickr) - RM17 Flickr) - RMA 56 (Flickr)

London General Liveries
Two vehicles, MCW Metrobus M57 & Leyland Titan T66 received London General style liveries. Both vehicles have been modeled in 1/76th scale.

     EFE 28826 (Set 99938) T66                  Corgi OM45102 M57

The Other Liveries
There were three other special liveries. None of these have been reproduced on any models despite there being suitable castings available in the EFE range.
Daimler Fleetline B20 D2629 received a striking chocolate & cream livery in the style of that applied to Croydon Corporation Trams. Mark I Leyland National LS402 was given a simpler red & gold livery at Harrow Weald Garage while the lowest numbered Mark 2 National LS438 gained a revised Red Arrow livery with white roof & LT 50 logos at Ash Grove. Staff at various garages also applied gold between decks bands & LT 50 logos to several other vehicles and a number of garage "showbuses" were also restored to older style LT liveries.

Here are some links to photographs of these vehicles.
D2629 (Flickr) - LS402 (Flickr) - LS438 (Flickr)

Sunday 3 November
Model Spotlight: Oxford Diecast Barnes Coaches Scania Irizar i6
This is first model spotlight for an Oxford Diecast model and I've chosen the latest release of the Scania Irizar i6 coach, this model was a bit of a surprise as it was announced & then released to model retailers within a week.

It appears this model is a joint venture between Oxford Diecast & Barnes Coaches of Swindon who are advertising & selling this model on their own company website. Barnes Coaches will celebrate its centenary next year & this model has one of the commemorative items produced to mark the milestone.

The model depicts YN18 ZNP one of the two Irizar coaches delivered in 2018, the fleet now contains nine such vehicles which are used on the company's tours & excursions.
Below are a selection of large photographs showing the model I purchased. Each photograph will open in new window/tab.
A full HD Video slide show with some additional images is also available below in the form of a YouTube video.

Below is a video slide show of all the above photographs & a few extras. Click the YouTube logo to view at full size.

Saturday 2 November
Rapido Birmingham New Look Buses Releasing This Month
The latest Rapido Trains UK Newsletter reports that the Birmingham New Look bus models have now been manufactured and are being shipped to both the UK & Canada.

Rapido Trains will be attending The Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham on the 23 & 24 November and visitors to the event will be available to buy the models from their stand.

A further version of the model has also been added to list of items produced & these will feature Birmingham City Transport 2990 (JOJ990) on route 1A to Mosesely and Acocks Green. This model like the others will be available in both standard (071012) & deluxe (071512) versions which feature additional working lights.

Further details & photographs of some of the models can be found on the Rapido Trains Site, these models will be available from UK retailers Rails of Sheffield & TTC Diecast. The UK RRP is £39.95 for the standard & £49.95 for the deluxe models.

Saturday 2 November
Upcoming EFE Model Release
The next EFE model release from Bachmann is expected to be available from UK appointed stockist next week.

E16611 London Transport Golden Jubilee - Short Leyland National Mk I dual door

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