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November 2017
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Friday 17 November
Atlas Editions Latest Classic Coaches Release
The Atlas Editions Classic Coaches Collection has now reached twenty nine models with the release of a 1953 Swedish Volvo B616 bus model.

There's a short video available on YouTube of this preserved vehicle which also has a matching drawbar trailer.

Its still not known how many models will be released in total in this UK collection, but the European bus collection appears to have run to 31 models. This latest model is another previously issued in that earlier collection.

4642 129 Kjellbergs Kaross, Sweden - Volvo B616 Single Deck Bus

Monday 13 November
B-T Models Down But Not Out
I've been informed that wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts is activity exploring the possibility of continuing the B-T Models range.

Things are currently at a very early stage, but the aim is to resume model releases once things have been sorted out in relation to the recent administration of the business in China.

Monday 13 November
Confirmed Oxford Omnibus Range Releases
The following pair of Oxford Diecast Omnibus range models are now being distributed to model retailers in the UK.

1/76 Scale

76BI002 Maidstone & District - Beadle Integral Coach

N Scale

NWFA001 South Wales Transport - Weymann Fanfare AEC Coach

Wednesday 8 November
New EFE Bus Commission For Invicta Model Rail
Invicta Model Rail has commissioned Bachmann to produced another exclusive EFE bus model for themselves.

The latest model which is expected to be available next year will feature a London Leyland National (LS Class) vehicle in Bexleybus blue & cream livery. An earlier commission of a route P4 Leyland National Mark II (16903) in standard red livery is also still available.

Pre-orders for the new model, are being accepted now although the price has not yet been announced.

EFE ref no.: 16609
Vehicle: Leyland National Mark I Dual Door
Fleet no.: 59 (originally LS294)
Registration: YYE 294T
Route: 269 (destination to be announced)
Quantity: 500 models
Release date: To be announced

For further information please visit the Invicta Model Rail site.

Tuesday 7 November
Northcord Announce New UK Models
Northcord Models have published details of six new models which are scheduled for release in early 2018.

The models are all based on new tooling which will allow production of the following vehicles:

10.3 metre single & dual door Enviro400 MMC and Enviro400H MMC
10.3 metre single & dual door Enviro400 City and Enviro400H City
10.9 metre single door Enviro400 MMC

A number of variations within each model classification will be possible to accommodate accurate operator specific differences that include tree deflectors, interior seating plans, destination equipment, lights and door arrangements.

First shots of the new models have now been produced & pre-production samples are now being prepared or final operators' authorisation is awaited.

These are the provisional details for each of the six planned models, these may still be subject to some changes however.
The flickr links provided below illustrate the vehicle & livery of each of the models. The routes will be as indicated below and not as shown in some of the photographs.

Ref No.: UKBUS6501
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400H Dual Door
Operator & Vehicle: Go-Ahead London EH108 / YY66 OZP
Route: 14 Warren Street
Expected Release: January 2018

Ref No.: UKBUS6502
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400 MMC Single Door
Operator & Vehicle: National Express West Midlands 6126 SN15 LGV
Route: 50 Birmingham
Expected Release: January 2018

Ref No.: UKBUS6503
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400 MMC Dual Door
Operator & Vehicle: Stagecoach London 10347 SN16 OLO
Route: 498 Brentwood
Expected Release: February 2018

Ref No.: UKBUS6504
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400 MMC Single Door
Operator & Vehicle: Stagecoach Oxfordshire 10684 SN66 WHC
Route: 3 Rose Hill
Expected Release: February 2018

Ref No.: UKBUS6505
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400 MMC Single Door
Operator & Vehicle: Reading Buses 758 YX64 VRU
Route: 17 Tilehurst
Expected Release: April 2018

Ref No.: UKBUS6506
Vehicle: ADL Enviro400 MMC Single Door
Operator & Vehicle: First Bristol 33960 SN65 ZCU
Route: 1 Broomhill
Expected Release: April 2018

Tuesday 7 November
Brian Collins Enterprises Commissioned Northcord ALX400
Brian Collins Enterprises based in the Irish Republic has commissioned Northcord Models to produced a Alexander ALX400 model in Dublin Bus Cityswift livery.

The model was announced back in 2016 and preparation & production has been slower than originally envisaged. Currently the model is still believed to be at the production stage and there is no confirmed release date at present.

Only 300 models (Ref no. IEBUS006) are to be produced and it will depict Dublin Bus AV1 (00-D-40001) in the white, blue, orange & grey Cityswift livery on service 39X with the destination Xpresso Clonstilla.

Currently the price of the models has not been announced but for further details & pre-orders please visit the Brian Collins Enterprises website where you can also find a photograph of the pre-production sample.

Monday 6 November
B-T Models Has Ceased Trading
I've received the sad news that B-T Models has gone into administration and that the Chinese authorities have impounded all the model molds & model stock left at the company's premises.

This is why the proposed models mentioned below were canceled & removed from the Ayrey's website. No new products are expected to be released for the time being and it isn't clear at present if the range or molds will be taken over by a new owner.

Information kindly supplied by

Friday 3 November & Updated 6 November
Four Bus Models Released By B-T Models
I've been informed by ACE Model Buses that the following four models have been released by B-T Models. Note the Bristol LD models appear to have the new plinth & plastic display case packaging.

On a less positive note, nine planned models which were announced some considerable time ago have now been removed from B-T Models' UK distributors website. Whether this indicates their cancellation is unclear at the moment.
Update Monday 6th November: Sadly I've been informed that B-T Models went into administration in October and the nine proposed models listed below have been cancelled.
These Southern Vectis models are expected to be the last B-T Model releases unless a new owner cn be found for the range.
New Releases

B210A Southern Vectis (806 / FDL 927D - route 5 to East Cowes-Trinity Wharf) - Bristol MW6G ECW Single Deck Bus - RRP £18.99

B210B Southern Vectis (804 / FDL 925D - route 39 to East Ventnor) - Bristol MW6G ECW Single Deck Bus - RRP £18.99

B117A Southern Vectis (520 / KDL 416 - route 16 to Blackgang) - Bristol Lodekka LD6G ECW Double Deck Bus - RRP £24.99

B117B Southern Vectis (563 / SDL 268 - route 8 to Ryde Esplanade) - Bristol Lodekka LD6G ECW Double Deck Bus - RRP £24.99

Previously Proposed Models Now Cancelled
B203C Wilts & Dorset (819 / XMR 949 - route 228 to Salisbury) - Bristol MW5G ECW Single Deck Bus
B204A Red & White (U1758 / TWO 81 - route 171 to Aberdare via Mountain Ash) - Bristol MW6G ECW Single Deck Bus
B204B Red & White (U1366 / JAX 113D - |route 175 Cardiff via Aberdare, Pontypridd {Corn Stores}) - Bristol MW6G ECW Single Deck Bus
B207A United Automobiles (2595 /5025 HN - roure 255 to Whitby) Bristol MW5G ECW Single Deck Bus
B207B United Automobiles (BUE 591 /2591 HN - route 220 to Newcastle) Bristol MW5G ECW Single Deck Dual Purpose Bus
N025 British Road Services - AEC Mammoth Major & Trailer (no further details ever announced)
N038 Thomas Nield & Sons (DNB 100) - AEC Mandator Articulated Low Loader
N046 BRS Parcels - AEC Ballast Tractor & Drawbar Van (no further details ever announced)
N049 BRS Birmingham - AEC Monarch Dropside (no further details ever announced)
Release information kindly supplied by

Wednesday 1 November
Confirmed Corgi OOC Release
The following OOC range model has now been released by Corgi in the UK.

This is the second version of the Harry Potter Studio Tour bus and differs from original model OM46511 by featuring a sister vehicle with a different destination display.

OM46513 Mullany's Buses, Watford (Harry Potter Studio Tour - 2nd version) - Wright Eclipse Gemini II Double Deck Bus

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