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Exclusive First Editions
20th Anniversary Model (Model No.3)
23402AS front view 23402AS rear view
Fleet No.2008 RegistrationEFE 20
Slogans"Exclusive First Editions logo" on header board, "Gilbow" on cab doors & "Special Delivery" on sides of flat bed.
LiveryBrown with black chassis and mudguards
NotesModel supplied with 12 silver beer kegs and 2 brown beer bottle crates. This model was produced for EFE Subscription Service Members and is a reworking of 23402BS. A small quantity of these models were released to selected retailers in May 2013.
IssuedDecember 2009 Release Brewery Series / Code 1
23402AS front view 23402AS rear view
23402AS front view 23402AS supplied certificate
23402AS packaging
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