Prevous Model Leyland Leopard L1 1950's BET Style Single Deck Bus Next Model
Todmorden / British Railways
24329K front view 24329K rear view
Fleet No.37 Registration573 EYG
Route No.-- DestinationRailway Replacement Service
AdvertsHas "Rail closures See Local Press For Details" notices on both sides.
LiveryDark green with cream window suurounds and waistband
NotesLeyland badge on front grille. Limited edition of 500 certificated models commissioned by the Bachmann Collectors Club.
Link to Bachmann Collectors Club website.
This model is a reworking of issue 99620 and was issued in Gilbow Railway Collection packaging.
IssuedDecember 2013 Release Standard / Code 2
24329K front view 24329 rear view
24329K front view 24329 rear view
24329K Rail Service poster 24329 Packaging
24329K Certificate front 24329 Certificate rear
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