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London Transport (Route 88 / Cobham Spring Gathering 2012)
26410A front view 26410A rear view
Fleet No.D73 RegistrationGYE 62
Route No.88 DestinationClapham Common
Adverts"Cobham - Spring Gatherings, Wisley Airfield 29th April 2012 London Bus Preservation Trust" both sides. "News of the World Best Sunday Newspaper" front & "Did you Maclean your teeth to-day?" upper rear.
LiveryRed with beige between decks band.
NotesCommissioned by the London Bus Preservation Trust and available at the Spring 2012 Gathering.
Limited edition of 231 certificated models.
IssuedApril 2012 Release Code 2 / Commissioned
26410A front view 26410A rear view
26410A Supplied Certificate
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