Dual Door Open Top Daimler Fleetline DMS (with Engine Bustle)
Network Southeast (Maidstone & District)
40101 front view 40101 rear view
Fleet No.P90 RegistrationGHV 90N
Route No.-- DestinationMaidstone & District Motor Services Ltd In Partnership with Area Civil Engineer (ctl)
LiveryYellow front & rear. Grey sides with red, white & blue stripes.
NotesThis model was produced exclusively for Bachmann appointed stockists and comes with an individually numbered certificate. Limited edition of 768 pieces.
There are no seats on the upper deck and the front & rear upper deck windows are over painted.
The vehicle was used as a bridge maintenence unit.
IssuedDecember 2016 Release Standard / Code 2
40101 nearside front view 40101 off-side rear view
40101 front view 40101 rear view
40101 Top deck has no seats
40101 Supplied certificate front 40101 Supplied certificate rear