Prevous Model Dual Door Daimler Fleetline DMS (Quiet B20 Version)
London General (Driver Trainer)
31306 front view 31306 rear view
Fleet No.DMS2422 RegistrationOJD 422R
Route No.-- DestinationDriver Under Instruction
Adverts"Take one to relieve congestion Get on board London Buses" (nearside) & "Buses Are The Lifeblood Of London - Keep The Arteries Clear" (off-side)
LiveryRed with white between decks band, grey skirt and yellow front doors.
NotesThis model was an exclusive for Bachmann appointed retailers. This model is a reworking of issue 31305 and has side advertisements printed on labels.
IssuedJanuary 2015 Release Standard Code 2 (Bachmann Stockists Exclusive)
31306 front view 31306 rear view
31306 front view 31306 rear view
 Prevous Model