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London Transport (Route 207)
25710B front view 25710B rear view
Fleet No.DM1238 RegistrationKUC238P
Route No.207 DestinationActon High Street
Adverts"1,000's Homes Shops Businesses Holidays Daltons Weekly" (nearside), "Fly Delta To The U.S.A. Altanta - Florida - New Orleans - Texas" (off-side) & "Go whereever you want with a Red Bus Rover Ticket." front and rear adverts. "Please let the Bus Go First" lower rear.
LiveryRed with yellow front doors and white roundels
NotesThis model has a Multi-ride sign above the windscreen.
Commissioned by the London Transport Museum and sold to the Museum's standing order customers.
IssuedOctober 2010 Release Code 2 / Standard
25710B front view 25710B rear view
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