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London Transport Green Line
(Route 431D -Ramblers Holidays adverts)
25603A front view 25603A rear view
Fleet No.RCL2257 RegistrationCUV257C
Route No.431D DestinationSevenoaks
AdvertsSide adverts - "Wonderful walking holidays since 1946... and NOW all over the World - Ramblers Holidays" (near side) and "I used to be a Green Line Bus in London's smog Now I'm a Country Fellow in the fresh air... It's like being on a Rambers Holiday all year around - Ramblers Holidays" (off-side)
"Rambers Holidays" front adverts and "This way to ramble 01737 331133" rear advert
LiveryGreen with light green between decks band and lining around windows. Gold fleetnames and roundel emblems
NotesLimited edition of 303 certificated models produced for Ramblers Holidays.
IssuedMarch 2001 Release Code 2 / Standard
25603A The certificate supplied with the model
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