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Arriva Serving London (Arriva London North - Gold)
Marks & Spencers Adverts
25513C front view 25513C rear view
Fleet No.RML2750 RegistrationSMK750F
Route No.38 DestinationVictoria
AdvertsSide adverts - "Over 50 Years at the Heart of the Community - Marks & Spencers - Exclusively For Every One" near side and "Over 50 Years at the Heart of the High Street - Marks & Spencers - Exclusively For Everyone" off- side and rear. "The Queens Golden Jubilee 2002" logos on front, rear and sides.
LiveryGold with black mudguards and white fleetnames
NotesProduced for, and only available from London's Transport Museum.
IssuedDecember 2002 Release Code 2 / De-Regulation Series
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