Prevous Model Daimler Fleetline Alexander 'A' Type
Version C with Engine Bustle
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Midland Red (North) (N.B.C.)
Chaserider branding & Showbus 1997 Adverts
24201SB front view 24201SB rear view
Fleet No.2543 RegistrationDRC543J
Route No.837 DestinationColliery Service
Adverts"Exclusive First Editions - 25 Years - 1972 - Showbus - 1997 - 21st. September - Duxford" side adverts
LiveryNational Bus Company red with white between decks band
NotesReleased at the 1997 EFE Duxford Showbus Rally.
IssuedSeptember 1997 Release Code 1 / Standard
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