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St Helens Corporation Transport (Rothery Radio Advert)
19703DL front view 19703DL rear view
Fleet No.58 RegistrationMDJ918E
Route No.319 DestinationSouthport Via Windle Island
Adverts"The Local Specialists - Rothery Radio - St Helens - Prescot - Ashton - Radio T.V. & Domestic Appliance" (near side) and "Enjoy Rathbone's Gold Medal Bread" (off-side)
LiveryCream with red panels below lower deck windows Red between decks and below upper deck window bands. Black mudguards
NotesModel only available to members of EFE Subscribers Service.
This De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 19703.
IssuedMay 1996 Release Code 1 / De-luxe Series
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