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Belfast Corporation Transport (route 23)
18016 front view 18016 rear view
Fleet No.584 Registration584 EZ
Route No.23 DestinationCity Hall via Albert Bridge
AdvertsSide adverts "Cork Dry Gin" (near side) and "Ask the man from th Prudential" (off-side).
"DC - Free Fit - Exhausts Tyres Batteries - Drive Safely To Us - Kennedy Way Belfast 616511" rear advert.
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds and black lining.
NotesPay On Entry Exact Fare Please" sign below windscreen and "Entrance" and "Exit Only" above door.
This model was produced for members of the EFE Collectors Association. This model is a re-working of issue 18007 and has side advertisements that are printed on labels.
IssuedJanuary 2015 Release Code 1 / Standard
18016 front view 18016 rear view
18016 front view 18016 rear view
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