Prevous Model AEC Routemaster (RM) Double Deck Bus Next Model
East Yorkshire Motor Services
Beatties Model Shop Advert
15606A-DL front view 15606A-DL rear view
Fleet No.808 RegistrationVLT 188
Route No.3 DestinationCity Centre Station
AdvertsSide adverts - "Beatties Models & Hobbies Toys & Games" (near side) and "We will sell your car for only 30 - Motors move faster in the Daily Mail - Bumper Six Pack" (off-side)"Daily Mail Classified 22-77-88" on off-side staircase panel. "Beatties Best For Less" on rear
LiveryDark Blue with white bands below windows, between decks and above front and side upper deck windows
NotesProduced for, and only available from Beatties Model Shops.
This code 2 De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 15606.
IssuedJuly 1995 Release Code 2 / De-luxe Series
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