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Gilbow Railway Collection Four Car Set
(11406) - Triumph 20TR Roadster
RegistrationKKH 697 LiveryRed with darker red mudguards.
99636 (11406) Triumph 20TR Roadster front view 99636 (11406) Triumph 20TR Roadster rear view
(11506) - Austin Healey Sprite
Registration806 BOH LiveryYellow.
99636 (11506) Austin Healey Sprite front view 99636 (11506) Austin Healey Sprite rear view
(11606) - Triumph Vitesse MK II Convertible
RegistrationDVT 784J LiveryBlue with darker blue side panels.
99636 (11606) Triumph Vitesse MK II Convertible front view 99636 (11606) Triumph Vitesse MK II Convertible rear view
(11706) - M.G.B. Roadster
RegistrationEPE 17B LiveryRacing Green with silver side stripes.
99636 (11706)  M.G.B. Roadster front view 99636 (11706)  M.G.B. Roadster rear view
NotesIssued as four model set 99636 in the Gilbow Railway Collection Series.
IssuedMarch 2002 Release Gilbow Railway Collection
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