Oxford 76OWBxxx Series
Bedford OWB Wartime Single Deck Utility Bus

The Bedford OWB was a wartime version of the Bedford OB, which was designed as a basic utility vehicle to replace war damaged or time expired vehicles during the second world war.
Around 3300 OWB's were produced by Bedford these were fitted with single deck bus bodies built to strict Ministry of Supply guide lines, body builders such as Duple & Roe were the main suppliers of the bodies although other builders also supplied small quantities.

Due to the wartime shortages of materials the bodies were constructed using wooden frames, the timber used was often poorly seasoned and many of the bodies had a relatively short life as a result. The Ministry's specifications for the buses also resulted in a very spartan interior which included wooden slatted seats.

Following the war some OWBs were rebodied with new Duple Vista Coach bodies while others received more comfortable upholstered seating, must of the OWBs.

Oxford Bedford OWB was it's first proper 1/76th scale bus, it was launched in early 2012 with the release of two models in the Military series, however models representing vehicles used by public transport undertakings soon followed.

The Oxford model can be produced in several variants, an original wartime vehicle with small headlights and slatted wooden seats or a post war version with upholstered seats and larger headlights.
Some minor changes were made after the first three releases the most noticable of which is improved lifeguard rails either side.

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