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GBB028(A) (Atlas Product code: 4 655 128)
Hull Corporation Transport (Route 62B)
GBB28 front view GBB28 rear view
Fleet No.1 RegistrationCRH 925
Route No.62B DestinationCity ,Circular via Spring Bk
AdvertsStreamline livery
NotesModel was supplied with the following items: 6 Collectors Cards & vehicle history leaflet.
Please note a second rarer version of this model exists with fleet number 2, registration CRH 926 and destinations for route 61 to Chants Av North. Both versions come in the same packaging with artwork showing the more common route 62B version.
IssuedJuly 2012 Release / QtyCode 1 / Unknown
GBB28 front view GBB28 rear view
GBB28 model & packaging GBB28 Vehicle History Booklet
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