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GBB027 (Atlas Product code: 4 655 127)
Go North East
GBB27 front view GBB27 rear view
Photographs above kindly supplied by Douglas Stewart
Fleet No.3962 RegistrationNK06JXB
Route No.21 DestinationBishop Auokland via Newcastle (front) & Bishop Aukland & Newoastle (side)
AdvertsAngel of the North allover livery
NotesThis model has driving mirrors. Model was supplied with the following items: 6 Collectors Cards & vehicle history leaflet.
Both destination displays contain miss-spelt content as shown above, the destination & fleet numbers are also miss-matched.
IssuedJune 2012 Release / QtyCode 1 / Unknown
GBB27 front view GBB27 rear view
GBB27 nearside view GBB27 off-side view
GBB27 front & rear views
GBB27 model & packaging GBB27 Vehicle History Booklet
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