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Thursday 26 July
Another Release Delay For A Corgi OOC Model
The expected release date for the following OOC models have been pushed back from that originally indicated when the latest catalogue was announced in June.

OM46514A/B Go-Ahead East London Transit - Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Double Deck Bus - Now expected January 2019 instead of December 2018

Thursday 26 July
Google Chrome Not Secure Warning
If you're using Google Chrome to browse this site you may have noticed the "Not Secure" message in the site address bar, please note this does not indicate that this site is infected with any viruses or other threats, it just means that the site uses http hosting rather then encrypted https. Google have decided to start warning users about this and in future updates of Chrome this warning will start to be highlighted in red.

Encryption is used to protect such things as user names & passwords when logging in to a site and to protect the transfer of credit card details and other personal information when making online purchases & payments.
As accounts aren't needed to use this site and nothing is available to buy, there is little point in me switching to a this much more expensive form of encrypted hosting.

I should note that I don't have any paid advertising on this site and I cover all the hosting costs myself, the site is run as a hobby & not for profit.
I've been running this site for 14 years using the unencrypted http hosting and to date I don't believe that this has caused any issues for visitors.

Tuesday 24 July
TTC Diecast Special EFE Models For Alton Bus Rally
TTC Diecast have contacted with information on two special EFE models they produced for sale at last Sundays Alton Bus Rally.
Both models were small runs and one of the models has already sold out.

36703TTC Stagecoach Aldershot & District (Alton Bus Rally souvenir model) - Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer II Bus - Limited to 25 pieces (SOLD OUT)

17215TTC Aldershot & District (Updated to depict the now preserved vehicle) - Long Leyland National mark I single door - Limited to 50 pieces (A few models are still available from the TTC Diecast site for £25.00 plus p&p)

TTC Diecast will be producing another souvenir model for release at Buses Festival, it will be strictly limited and certified, and will be available on first come first served. TTC will be using a new technique of laser printing direct to the model for the adverts on the bus (the same technique was used for the Alton 36703 model mentioned above), and the finish on the print is extremely clear.

It all goes to plan, a pre-production sample of TTC's upcoming EFE commissioned East London Coaches Leyland National mark I model, (16610Z more details) should also be on display at the Buses Festival at Gaydon on the Sunday 19th August.
The model will depict LS35 / KJD535P on route D5 bound for Mile End Station.

Friday 20 July
Further Release Delay For Corgi OOC Model
The expected release date for the following OOC models have been pushed back once again by Corgi.

OM46515A/B Brighton & Hove (Pride in the City livery) - Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Double Deck Bus - Now expected December instead of October

Thursday 19 July
Bachmann Reveal The Free Model To Be Included With EFE Bus Garage
Bachmann have announced the free model which will be packaged with the forthcoming EFE Art Deco Bus Garage E99660.

The garage was originally produced several years ago as part of the Scenecraft OO range and there was also N scale version as well. This item would be ideal for use in a diorama, on a model railway layout or to enhance a model display.

The garage has now been transferred to the EFE range and should once again be available from Bachmann appointed stockists towards the end of this month, it has RRP of £84.95.

The Bus Garage includes a free EFE model which will be a white "National" Plaxton Panorama Bristol RELH coach. The operatorís name and number plates are blank allowing collectors to customise the vehicle with their own markings (scale transfers and markings are available on the aftermarket). This model has not previously been available so should add to the collectability of this item.

Tuesday 17 July
Photographs Of Four Forthcoming OOC Releases
Corgi have published new photographs of four forthcoming OOC models which at present expected to be the next releases in the range.

OM40821A Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Sailsbury Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6B ECW double deck bus - Due October

OM40821B Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Bournemouth Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6B ECW double deck bus - Due October

OM43917A Burton Corporation (route 6 Anglesey Road via Station & Uxbridge St) - Bristol Lodekka FS6B ECW double deck bus - Due September

OM43917B Burton Corporation (route 6 Calais Road via Station & Belvedere Road) - Bristol Lodekka FS6B ECW double deck bus - Due September

Another of the models from the most recent catalogue has had its expected release date pushed back.

OM46713A/B Transdev Keighley & District (the shuttle livery) - Wright Urban Eclipse II single deck bus - Now expected during December rather than October

Monday 16 July
Three More Atlas Models For UK Retailers
Wholesaler John Ayrey Diecast has added three further European Bus Collection items to their list of Atlas Edition models. All three are due in stock later this month.

MAG JY17 Ikarus 66 1955

MAG JY34 Kassbohrer Setra S8 1951

MAG JY35 Renault S45 R4210 1953

John Bennett has also contacted me with information regarding another version of the Ixo 1/72nd scale London Transport RTW model, this latest version has been issued as model 7 in the Polish 'Kultowe Autobusy' collection produced by deAgostini.

The model once again depicts RTW 75 and carries destinations for route 25.
This latest Polish collection seems to mainly consist of models previously issued by Atlas Editions in either the European Buses or Classic Coaches collections and it appears the intention is for the collection to run to around thirty models in total.

Wednesday 11 July
Two Releases From Forward Models
The following models have now been released by Forward Models and are available from select retailers or direct from Forward via their site.

GDG-19 Glasgow Corporation Transport - Daimler CVG6 Weymann Double Deck Bus

GDM-20 City of Manchester - Daimler CVG6K MCCW Double Deck Bus

Tuesday 10 July & updated 20 July
New IXO RT Model Announced
Another 1/43rd scale RT model has been announced by Ixo Models. The item BUS018 is described as an "AEC Regent RT, red, London Transport, 1950 Open Top" and is scheduled for release in November with a RRP of £53.99

The picture below is that used to illustrate the model on the wholesaler's John Ayrey Diecasts site, but although it shows an open top AEC Regent it is neither a RT or London Transport vehicle!

Update 20 July: John Ayrey have confirmed on their site that the above picture is incorrect for this model.

My guess is this is more likely to be based on the tooling used for the recently issued Hatchette "Buses of the World" Guernsey Bus open top RT.
Images the real Guernsey RT can be found on the site.

Monday 09 July
Latest Oxford Diecast Releases
The following 1/76 scale models are among the latest batch of releases from Oxford Diecast. There are no bus or coach models in this batch.

76FT031 London Underground - Ford Transit Mk V SWB Low Roof Van

76ANG032 Souhdown Motor Services - Ford Anglia Van - Re-issue

Monday 09 July
Further Release Delays For Two OOC Models
The expected release dates for two forthcoming OOC models have been pushed back once again by Corgi.

OM40821A/B Wilts & Dorset - Bristol Lodekka FS6 ECW Double Deck Bus - Now expected October instead of September

CC42418 Fox's of Hayes (Magical Mystery Tour) - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panorama Coach (2nd version)- Now expected October instead of August

Monday 02 July
Confirmed EFE Release
The following model is now being released to Bachmann Appointed Stockists. This is the last model from the final batch of new models announced by the former owner of the EFE brand Gilbow Holdings back in 2015 and will be the last issued in the older style fawn map design packaging.

(Use the following link to view further photographs of the final production model & several super hi-res photographs.)
E34112 London Transport (RT2177 / route 12) - AEC RT Bus - RRP £34.95

This eagerly awaited London Transport RT without adverts is now available from Bachmann Stockists.
The model depicts RT2177 registration KGU 106 allocated to Walworth garage (WL), with blinds for route 12 to Oxford Circus. RT 2177 was new in 1949 and saw service at several garages in South London including Elmers End, New Cross and Walworth. Sold by L.T. in 1977, RT2177 has been preserved in very fine condition for many years and is displayed regularly at bus rallies.

This month will also see an addition to the EFE range of accessories with the release of a Art Deco style bus garage.
E99660 which can now be pre-ordered from Bachmann Stockists will be supplied with a free EFE model worth £19.95 and has a RRP of £84.95. This item would be ideal for displaying a bus collection, as part of a model railway layout or even as a subject for a model diorama.

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