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Thursday 28 April
Confirmed EFE Release
The following EFE model has now been released in the UK.

31910 Arriva North London (route 73) - AEC RML Class Routemaster Bus

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Thursday 28 April
Confirmed Release Of Graham Farish N Scale Models
The last seven Scenecraft N scale Bus & Coach models have now been released by Graham Farish in the UK.

379-516 Harrington Cavalier Coach - Maidstone & District

379-517 Harrington Cavalier Coach - Southdown

379-530 Bristol RELH ECW Coach - Bristol Greyhound

379-533 Bristol RELH ECW Coach - Southern National N.B.C.

379-546 Leyland PD2 Double Deck Bus - Stockport Corporation

379-560 Guy Arab II Utility Bus - London Transport (route 175)

379-562 Guy Arab II Utility Bus - Midland General

View list of all the Graham Farish models.

Tuesday 26 April
Upcoming Oxford Omnibus Range Models
The following Oxford Diecast models are expected to be released during the week ending the 7th May.

76PAN003 Cotters - Plaxton Panorama I Coach
76PD2002 Midland Red - Leyland Titan PD2 Double Deck Bus
76WFA004 Bartons - Weymann Fanfare AEC Reliance Coach
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Friday 22 April updated Saturday 23 April
New EFE Subscribers' Model & Newsletter
EFE has issued details of the next exclusive model for members of their Collectors Association.
Order forms were supplied with the latest members newsletter & release sheet which arrived today.
The model is priced £32.50 which includes standard UK delivery.

Click to enlarge
34114 London Transport Country Area (RT4276 / NLE 940 - Express Route 93 to Epsom Station) - AEC RT Bus

Delays in China continue to affect the scheduled release dates which means EFE have been forced to bring some model releases forward at short noticed, or add new models out of the blue.

Forthcoming Models
28609 GM Buses Rochdale - G.M. Standard Atlantean
20651 First Capital Citybus - Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer
31808 B.E.A. B.A. Pound Stretcher - RMA Routemaster
38126 Ribble - Bristol VRT II

Newly Announced Models
I've been informed that EFE exhibited design cells for 28013 & 24906 at the South East Bus Festival earlier this month.
No details have been published for the other three model as yet.
28013 Midland Red North Chaserider (green livery / TGX 831M on route 156 to Cannock) - Daimler Fleetline DMS 1 Door (Flickr photo of vehicle)
24906 First Capital Citybus (567 - F257 RHK on route 212 to Walthamstow South Grove) - Mercedes Benz 609D Minibus
26330 Plymouth City - Guy Arab II Utility
27319 Scout - Leyland TD1 Closed Rear
31911 London Country N.B.C. - RML Routemaster

Delayed Models
There's no mentioned of the Maidstone & District Harrington Grenadier Coach 12311 which was exhibited at the first EFE Warehouse Open Day last October.
12122 Southdown - Harrington Cavalier Coach
23406 British Railways - Bedford TK 2 Axle Flatbed Lorry
31515 London Transport (route 177) - RM Routemaster Bus
34112 London Transport Red (route 12) - AEC RT3 Bus
36007 Barton Transport - Leyland RTL Bus
15808 East Kent - Leyland PD1 Highbridge
38123 City of Oxford - Bristol VRT II
Courtesy of EFE, scans & a PDF of Release Sheet Issue 2 2016
Release Sheet Issue 2016 EFE Subscribers' model
You can view a PDF version of the release sheet HERE (5.3mb).
EFE Release Sheet Archive

Thursday 21 April
LBRT To Close
Sad news reaches me that Nigel Mitchell has decided to close his code 3 London bus models business after 26 years. Many of you will be aware that Nigel produced numerous code 3 models for both Country Bus Rallies and the Amersham & District Running days between 1997 & 2010.

He also developed a large range of 1/76 scale waterslide bus transfers for mainly London related models, these can still be obtained from Bus Stop Models.
More recently he has concentrated on small runs of bespoke code 3 London bus models mainly based on EFE's products.

Due to ill health and the growing cost of the base models making model production less viable, he has decided to retire. He will be clearing all his remaining stock of models, transfers, & books e.t.c through eBay in the coming weeks. Check the LBRT site for further details.

I'm sure you'll join me in thanking him for making our hobby that bit more interesting over the past 26 years, & wishing him a long & very happy retirement.

Wednesday 20 April
Next EFE Release & A Rare 1/24 Scale Metrobus
The following EFE model will be released during the week ending 30th April.

31910 Arriva North London (route 73) - AEC RML Class Routemaster Bus

ACE Model Buses have found a forgotten Gilbow model during a recent stock take.

The model in question is the first release of EFE's 1/24 scale MCW Metrobus model 98001, this depicts Cricklewood Garage's M550 in Metroline Travel livery and has destination blinds for routes 16, 16A, 32 & 113.

The model has been classed as mint, with the box having some scuff marks on it, it has original packaging in the box.
This now rare model was a limited edition of just 600 pieces and this example has certificate number 264.

For further details check out the ACE Model Buses site.
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Saturday 16 April
New Code 3 New Routemaster From London Omnibus Models
The following news item has been received from London Omnibus Models today.

We are not at Brooklands this weekend, due to there being no indoor stalls.

LOM3 is now in production and will be released at the beginning of May.

The model is as follows and will be limited to 20 pieces plus the prototype pictured:
Fleet number: LT100
Registration: LTZ 1100
Operator: Metroline
Livery: Fender Stratocaster
Route: 390
Destinations: 10 Models - Archway / 10 Models - Notting Hill Gate /1 Prototype model - Lancaster Gate

Cash Price: £160.00
Production costs are higher, as the bus had to be repainted.

There is no donation to the London Bus Museum of cash or a prototype this time, as I've decided to freeze the sale price, rather than have to up the price to guarantee the donation.

Priority ordering is going to our regular enthusiasts. 8 have already been pre-ordered.

Any remaining models will be on sale at the Brooklands' Routemaster event on June 26th (Subject to a successful booking,) and then at West Ham Garage on July 23rd. (We have booked for this event.)

We can be contacted via our e-mail

Friday 15 April
Commissioned OOC Models Released
A pair of commissioned Scania Irizar PB Coaches have been released by Brian Collins Enterprises in the Republic of Ireland.

Photograph kindly supplied by Campbell Tudhope.

Note that the Corgi catalogue numbers below haven't been confirmed yet. and aren't shown on the packaging.
? CP46213A ? Bus Eireann Expressway (SP111 - X20 Galway) - Scania Irizar PB Coach
? CP46213B ? Bus Eireann Expressway (SP111 - 22 Ballina) - Scania Irizar PB Coach

A further commission from Northcord Models (IEBUS0006) is also being prepared and will feature Cityswift Alexander ALX400 AV1 on route 39X. The model will be limited edition to just 300 pieces.

Further details can be found on the Brian Collins Enterprises Facebook page.

Friday 15 April
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following EFE models have now been released in the UK.

25213 Bristol N.B.C. - Bristol RELL ECW Bus
28012 Western Scottish (route 16) - Daimler Fleetline DMS 1 Door Bus
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Wednesday 13 April
Confirmed Atlas Editions Model Release
The latest model release in the Atlas Editions Classic Coaches Collection is a 1953 German Henschel HS 100N coach in a maroon & cream livery.

4642 107 Henshel HS 100 N Coach - Operator not identified

Sunday 10 April
Corgi Revise OOC Model Release Dates
Corgi has revised the expected release dates for most of the models announced in the 2016 Jan-June catalogue. All but one of the planned OOC models are now expected to be released between June & August.
The next release should be the Ipswich AEC Regent Roe models OM41418A/B and these are currently expected in early May.

The full list of revised dates can be viewed on the OOC Releases page.

Friday 8 April
Marsden Models
Neil Mortson has provided an update for his Marsden Models kit range.

Limited stock of the following kits is currently available. All are priced £40.00 plus P&P.

Northern Counties Albion PM28.
Comes with optional 'Scottish' style rear cut-away platform conversion part.

1937 Alexander Leyland TS7 'Coronation' Coach.
Comes with optional folding door conversion part.

1962 Alexander BET Style 31ft AEC/Leyland DP Saloon. Comes with 3 optional fronts and optional coach door

Burlingham 'Baby Seagull' re-bodied Bedford OB as operated by MacBraynes & Highland.

Pre-orders are being accepted for second run of the following kit

1972 ECW Bristol RELH Grant Door.
Comes with optional coach door conversion part. Second run, pre-order now

Please visit the Marsden Models page for full contact details and a full list of planned future kits.

Thursday 7 April
Confirmed Releases From Oxford Die-cast
The following Oxford Omnibus range models have now been released in the UK.

76FDE008 Southdown Motor Services - Ford 100E Van
76WFA003 Neath & Cardiff - AEC Reliance Weymann Fanfare Coach
NLRT002 Southdown Motor Services - Leyland Royal Tiger Coach (N Scale)
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 4 April
Next Oxford Die-cast Omnibus Range Releases
The following Oxford Diecast models are expected to be released later this week.

76FDE008 Southdown Motor Services - Ford 100E Van
76WFA003 Neath & Cardiff - AEC Reliance Weymann Fanfare Coach
NLRT002 Southdown Motor Services - Leyland Royal Tiger Coach (N Scale)
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Friday 1 April
Photographs Of Recently Announced B-T Models
Photographs of the most recently announced 1/76 scale B-T models have now been published by John Ayrey Diecasts. Currently there is no indication of when these are expected to be released, other than it will be sometime this year!

B116A United Counties (958/JBD 963 - route 142 Luton) - Bristol Lodekka LD6B (long radiator & platform doors)

B116B United Counties (976/LNV 504 - route 141 Aylesbury) - Bristol Lodekka LD6B (Short radiator & platform doors)

DA99 British Road Services Oxford (4G453/216 DFC) - Leyland Beaver flatbed lorry & dropside drawbar trailer

DB01 Co-Operative Fuels (? NGX 583H ?) - Leyland FG flatbed lorry (supplied with coal sacks load)

DB02 Co-Op Dairy (registration t.b.c) - Leyland FG flatbed lorry)

DB03 British Road Services Unit A104 / Davis Haulage, Poplar (KXW 821) - Leyland Comet flatbed lorry

L15 British Railways (FT 908 W & XG 0307 E) - Forklift trucks (twin pack)

L16 British Rail (FT 904 W & BR 68030) - Forklift trucks (twin pack)

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