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Tuesday 28 April
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following EFE models have now been released in the UK.

20307 Southdown N.B.C. (Queen's Silver Jubilee livery / route 740) - Bristol VRT Series 2 Double Deck Bus
26626 First Southern National (route X96 to Bristol) - Plaxton Paramount 3500 Coach
28910 London Country North West (route 142) - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Coach
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 27 April
Two New Model Related Websites
I've received the following news release about two new model related sites from the The MRRZ Administration Team:

News Release

Please may we inform you of two very important developments that have brought new opportunities and services to the hobbies of modelling and collecting:

Model Railways and Roads Zone - MRRZ

Model Railways and Roads Zone is an internet Forum devoted to railways both model and the real thing together with buses – again models and the real thing.
MRRZ was created in February 2015 following several months of discussions among a group of modellers and collectors regarding what they felt they wished to see in an internet Forum – but felt was lacking or missing from other Forums in the hobbies.
MRRZ is aimed at both the modeller and the collector of railway and road transport subjects.

MRRZ is totally independent of any other control or influence as it is owned and funded by a private individual – an active modeller of both railways and buses.
MRRZ has a somewhat different ethos to Forums that have existed before and provides a place where Members can debate subjects that might not find a welcome on other Forums due to ‘other’ influences being at work.
MRRZ does not encourage the posting of topics that have no relationship to the hobbies to which it is devoted – whilst we do of course agree that such subjects may be of interest to many people we feel that a forum devoted to our hobbies is not the right place to discuss those topics.

From a small start hosted on a free service MRRZ has recently moved to its own web-space/server with everything now under the control of its owners.
Now that MRRZ is established with a secure future we would like to bring the Forum to the notice of a wider audience with the aim of increasing our Membership numbers.

We have recently agreed to work in close collaboration with another very well known and established model railway website to provide a dedicated ‘Question & Answer’ section on MRRZ.

We would be extremely grateful if it were possible for you to mention MRRZ to your readers – we feel that MRRZ has brought an additional and very worthwhile benefit to the hobbies of railway and bus modelling and collecting and also provides a platform for some interesting discussions on the real railways – both historic and current.

MRRZ can be found at :

Should you require any further information or have any questions regarding MRRZ please contact the Administration Team at:

HobbyBid UK

HobbyBid UK is a totally new website providing auction, fixed price (buy-it-now) and classified listing opportunities for all modellers and collectors.

HobbyBid UK is devoted ONLY to those hobbies and is not a ‘general’ auction site – it has been developed specifically to cater for our hobbies.

What makes HobbyBid UK very different is that it is TOTALLY FREE TO USE for both Private Sellers/Buyers and ‘Hobby’ Traders (those who do not have ‘fixed’ retail premises open to the public – selling ONLY at Exhibitions, Steam Rallies and ToyFairs/Swapmeets) – Shop Retailers / Mail Order Retailers / Manufacturers are more than welcome to use HobbyBid UK but will be charge a nominal fee to list items.

TOTALLY FREE as above means TOTALLY FREE - HobbyBid UK DOES NOT charge any ‘Listing Fee’ (except as above) nor does it charge a ‘Final Valuation Fee’.
Sellers get to keep 100% of what their item sells for!.
Trade Sellers in the above categories will be charged a nominal £1.00 ‘Listing Fee’ per listing but again will pay NO ‘Final Valuation Fee’ whatsoever – KEEP 100% OF YOUR FINAL PRICE!.

Payment/s for purchased items are processed securely through PayPal – NO bank details are stored by HobbyBid UK and NO payments are actually made through the HobbbyBid website – the payment process takes a Buyer direct to the PayPal website where all details are processed securely.
If a Buyer does not wish to make use of PayPal or a Seller prefers not to do so then use of the messaging system to arrange another mutually acceptable payment method is simple.

HobbyBid UK provides for both the Buyer and Seller to leave ‘Feedback’ as would be expected.

We believe that HobbyBid UK brings to the modelling and collecting hobbies a ‘taylor-made’ buying and selling service that gives the Seller the chance to sell without having to pay a proportion of the resulting final price to the auction website and for the Buyer to obtain items at a lower price as Seller’s will not need to factor in the ‘Final Valuation Fee’ when setting ‘Starting Prices’

We would be most grateful if you would be willing and/or able to mention HobbyBid UK to your readers – who may be looking for such a service!.

HobbyBid UK can be found at:

Should you require any further information or have any questions regarding HobbyBid UK please contact Customer Support at:

We would like to advise you that although HobbyBid UK is a ‘sister’ website to MRRZ and is owned by the same family the two are operated entirely independently of each other.
MRRZ is a truly INDEPENDENT Forum whose editorial policies are not in any way controlled by any other party.

HobbyBid is offered as a service to the modelling and collecting hobbies.

Sunday 26 April
Build Your Own 1/12 Scale Routemaster
A new weekly magazine is being produced by Hachette Partworks Ltd about the London Routemaster. Each issue of the magazine comes with a selection of parts which will combine to produce a 1/12 scale model of a RM class Routemaster. The model depicts RM857 (WLT 857) in the 1966 style red livery with period advertisements and route 11 destination displays.

The numerous parts all screw together to form a model that is 699mm (2ft 3 inches) long & 365mm (1ft 2 inches) high, that's twice the size of the 1/24 scale Sunstar model.
This detailed model is said to have working internal lights & head lamps, changeable destination displays, opening windows, sliding driver cab door & opening rear emergency exit. There's a fully detailed AEC engine and chassis detailing that includes exhaust pipe, prop shaft, gearbox & suspension. Other features stated included a working bell, internal wiring, adjustable mirrors and an opening fuel filler cap.
It's claimed that no glue, paint or modeling experience is required to construct the model.

The magazines will include full assembly instructions as well as articles about the Routemaster & it's routes. There will also be articles about the history of London's bus network as well as a look at London life & times.
In all there are to be 100 issues and each will be priced £7.99, the first two issues however have special introductory prices of £1.99 & £4.99 respectively.
The magazine will be available via newsagents, but if you take out a subscription with Hachette directly and you will also be entitled to receive the following six free gifts:-
  • One free issue of the magazine (with 1st delivery)
  • Route 11 tin poster (with 1st delivery)
  • Routemaster travel mug (with 1st delivery)
  • Full size replica of the Routemaster London Transport bonnet badge (with 2nd delivery)
  • Magazine binder & dividers (with 2nd delivery)
  • Exclusive Oxford Die-cast 1/76 scale Routemaster based on the 1/12 version (with 4th delivery)
The magazine will require a fair degree of commitment in terms of time and money as it will run for almost 2 years and have a total cost of just under £800. It appears to be only available to customers in the UK & Eire at present.

Further details can be found on the publisher's site.

Thursday 23 April
London Bus Museum Model Release
The London Bus Museum's exclusive Resin Specialists BEA 4RF4 AEC Regal IV models were released as planned at last Sunday's Spring Gathering event. A small number of the models are now also available to order via the Museum's online shop, the model which is limited to 200 pieces is priced £75 plus P&P.
London Bus Museum On-line Shop

Model depicts NLP 650 with Athens destinations

Wednesday 22 April
Planned EFE Releases For Late April
The following models are scheduled to be released during the week ending the 2nd May.

20307 Southdown N.B.C. (Queen's Silver Jubilee livery / route 740) - Bristol VRT Series 2 Double Deck Bus
26626 First Southern National (route X96 to Bristol) - Plaxton Paramount 3500 Coach
28910 London Country North West (route 142) - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Coach

EFE also released four sports car models in the Gilbow Railway Collection earlier this month. Unlike the earlier sport car model releases which were sold in pairs or more recently in four model packs these are packaged individually and priced around £5 each.
99648 Austin Healey Sprite - Sky blue with registration OSL 478
99649 Truimph Vitesse - Dark blue with white spripe and registration YGK 4G
99650 M.G.B. Roadster - Orange with registration AJB 893B
99651 Truimph Roadster - Green with registration 2239 EV

The information above is based on the only photographs I've found relating to these models and it indicates if correct the models are identical to those that formed the earlier four model set 99643.

Forthcoming releases information kindly supplied by

Thursday 16 April & Updated 20 April
Code 3 New Routemasters Available At London Bus Museum Event
London Omnibus Models will have a small quantity of code 3 New Routemaster models available for sale at the London Bus Museum's Spring Gathering on Sunday (19th April). The 10 models based on the Corgi OOC tooling have been completely stripped down, professionally sprayed and finished with custom decals.

The 10 models that will be available on Sunday

The models themselves feature Stagecoach London's LT272 (LTZ 1272) in the special "Year of the Bus" silver & red livery, advertisements for the Miss Saigon musical are carried on each side. The models have a mixture of open & closed rear doors and there are two different route 8 destinations available, five with Bow Church & five with Tottenham Court Road.

Click to view larger images of the prototype model

The models are supplied in standard OOC packaging & come with a custom certificate numbered 1 to 10.
If all 10 models are sold on Sunday the prototype model (with certificate No. A) will be donated to the Museum.
The models will be priced £160 each which includes a £10 donation to the Museum.

Hi-Res photo's of prototype model: FRONT & REAR (these will open in a new browser window/tab).

Update 20th April: London Omnibus Models has informed me that all tem models had been sold be mid-day on Sunday and as planned the prototype model along with £100 was donated to the London Bus Museum.

Tuesday 14 April
Confirmed EFE Releases & Photos OF Fake Yellow Band Star Group RT
The following models have now been released by EFE in the UK .

27318 Wilts & Dorset (Wilton destination) - Leyland Titan TD1 Double Deck Bus
28011 West Midlands P.T.E. (route 9) - Single Door Diamler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Coach
28824 London Transport (route 87) - Leyland Titan Dual Door Double Deck Bus
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Fake Star Group RT
Following up on the news item posted on April 6 about the fake Star Group RT with yellow between decks band.
I've been sent the following photographs by Mervyn Jones who originally reported the model. He has scratched "copy" on to the baseplate to prevent the model ever being passed off as genuine item again.

New EFE Box Design
Regarding the new EFE box design mentioned in my posting on April 7, the first model issued in the new packaging would now appear to be the commissioned Tower Transit Routemaster 31513 issued back in December 2014. The rear of the boxes were however covered by a large Tower Transit sticky label.Thanks extended to Lynda at London Omnibus Models for pointing this out.

Rear of 31513 box - The new design can just be made out under the label

Finally just to clear up any confusion in regards to the original posting, the Invicta Model Rail London Transport Leyland National 2 16903 mentioned in the same posting isn't packaged in one of the new design boxes.

Friday 10 April
New Models Announced by B-T Models
Seven new models have been announced on the John Ayrey Diecast site today. Only three photographs have been published so far however.
The vast majority of the B-T models previously listed on the Ayrey's site appear to have been inadvertently deleted during this latest update!

B021A Leyland Leopard Duple Dominant II Coach - Midland Scottish (Cream with blue waistband - MPE 344 / ULS 651T - 39 Callander)

B021B Leyland Tiger Duple Dominant II Coach - Midland Scottish (Cream with blue lower panels - MPT 109 / BLS 109Y - 33 On Tour)

B203C Bristol MW SD - Wilts & Dorset/Hants & Dorset N.B.C. (route 228 Salisbury) - New third variant
B204A Bristol MW SD - Red & White (route 171 Aberdare via Mountain Ash)
B204B Bristol MW SD - Red & White (route 175 Cardiff via Aberdare, Pontypridd [Corn Stores])

DA91 Leyland Roadtrain Lowloader - Mines Rescue Service (reg: C291 GNY)

DA92 Foden DG Ballast & Lowloader - Pickfords (reg: DLT 331)

Tuesday 7 April
Photographs of Three Forthcoming B-T Releases
The following photographs have been released showing three forthcoming B-T Models.

B113A Wilts & Dorset (614 / MMW 411 / route 76 Andover) - Bristol Lodekka LD6B Double Deck Bus (Long Radiator / Open Platform)
B113B Wilts & Dorset (618 / NHR 845 / route 3 Salisbury) - Bristol Lodekka LD6B Double Deck Bus (Short Radiator / Open Platform)
DA89 Rosser of Pontlliw - AEC Mammoth Major 4 Axle Flatbed Lorry with cargo load

Tuesday 7 April
Confirmed EFE Release & An EFE Box Make Over
EFE has now released the following commissioned model and Invicta Model Rail are now processing & dispatching orders placed for the model.

The model is limited to 300 pieces and can still be purchased by either visiting the Invicta Model Rail website, phoning 0208 302 7774 or visiting the shop at 130 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7AB. The model is priced £32.95 inc free UK postage.

16903 London Transport (route P4) - Short Leyland National Mark II Dual Door Bus

Revised Design For EFE Packaging
I've just spotted a slight variation in the design used for the standard issue Map type EFE box. Model 36903 appears to be the first item issued in this new design packaging unless of course you know otherwise.
The changes are mainly to rear and bottom panels. On the rear there is now less text and more model photographs while on the bottom panel reference is now made to EFE's official website. The background colour used behind the map artwork is also a slightly lighter shade of grey and the focus of the map itself on the top of the box has moved slightly eastwards from Duxford & Linton to Hinxton & Hadstock.

New design

Previous design

Monday 6 April
Eight New EFE Models Announced
EFE has announced the following models which are all scheduled for release in June.
Cat No. 15719
Vehicle Plaxton Panorama Elite II Coach
Operator London Country
Fleet No. RN 2
Registration MRR 802P
Route 714 Dorking
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 20140
Vehicle Bedford OB Duple Vista Coach
Operator Southdown
Fleet No. 70
Registration JCD 370
Route Hayling Island
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 23503
Vehicle Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean
Operator Great Yarmouth Corporation
Fleet No. 7 (Carries name Peggotty)
Registration CEX 107C
Route 7 Harbours Mouth
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 24822
Vehicle Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
Operator Northumbria
Fleet No. 962
Registration H801 SKY
Route 435 Morpeth
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 26705
Vehicle Plaxton Paramount Expressliner Coach
Operator Stagecoach Caledonian Express
Fleet No. VSR 689
Registration G554 SSP
Route 860 Glasgow
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 27214
Vehicle Leyland TD1 with Open Staircase
Operator Reading Corporation
Fleet No. 36
Registration RD 777
Route Stations
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 36710
Vehicle Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 (1 Door)
Operator Lothian Buses
Fleet No. 189
Registration Y189 CFS
Route 42 King’s Road
Expected June 2015
Cat No. 36711
Vehicle Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 (1 Door)
Operator Arriva Medway Towns
Fleet No. 3301
Registration Y301 TKJ
Route 334 Maidstone via Sittingbourne & Detling
Expected June 2015
Courtesy of EFE a scan of the April 2015 Trade Order Form.

Three further new models were also announced by EFE at the South East Bus Festival on the 28th March. No release dates have been advised for these as yet.

18017 Bournemouth Corporation - MCW bodied Daimler Fleetline Fleet No: 40 - Reg: ALJ 340B - Route: 6 Bournemouth Square
18617 Southdown East & Mid Sussex - Open Top Bristol VRT Series 3 - Further details to be announced
22402 British Airways (Dark blue & white) - Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean - Fleet No.: None - Reg: LYF 314D - Route: None

Another Fake Model
A visitor to the site has been in contact to say that he has found a faked version of the yellow band RT 50 EFE AEC RT Bus 101003A. Fortunately this particular model came in a job lot of items purchased in a model auction, so he didn't spend a large sum of money on it.

He tells me the un-certificated model has clear signs of tampering to the plastic plugs on the base. Only 48 examples of the genuine model were produced back in 1989 and each of these was issued with a letter of authenicity signed by the commissioner James Stirling.

Monday 6 April
New Corgi OOC Commissioned Model
Brian Collins Enterprises has announced that it has commissioned Corgi to produce an Scania Irzair PB Coach model in Bus Eireann Expressways livery. The model will depict vehicle SP111 (08-D-239986) and will come in two versions with either 20X Galway or 22 Ballina destinations.

The price and release date for the models hasn't been finalised as yet, but it is hoped they might be available during Q4/2105.
Further details & photographs of the livery planned can be found on the Brian Collins Enterprises' Facebook page.

Thursday 2 April
London Bus Museum Spring Gathering & Model
The following press release has been recieved from the London Bus Museum at Brooklands.


The London Bus Preservation Trust Ltd holds its 42nd Season Opening Event at Brooklands Weybridge on 19th April 2015 between the hours of 10.00am and 5.00pm. This year the theme is Aviation and we will have a selection of single and double deck vehicles in their distinctive liveries reminding us of the times when they ferried passengers from the old Cromwell Road Air Terminal to London/Heathrow Airport. The distinctive one and a half deck vehicles that were used were unique and we have a photo of one of them on the front of our event programme this year.

Apart from our usual attractions(vintage and modern vehicle bus rides, rides for the children, many sales stalls, static display of ex London Transport and Provincial Buses) there is of course the full heritage transport collection that Brooklands has to offer. We are promised the latest modern vehicles in LT use, as yet unregistered, and we will also have a special moment at 11.00am in the Paddock by the Clubhouse when London Bus Museum will take into its collection two “new” vehicles. One is RLH48, the only surviving London Transport Country Area Low Bridge bus which saw service from Addlestone Garage, and the other is TD1, a Dennis Trident with Alexander Bodywork dating from 1999, and the first low floor wheelchair accessible double decker in London service. There may be other vehicles included in this Paddock line up which will not be finalised until the day. This is so there can be a photo shoot for 15-20 minutes uninterrupted by passing humans and a few words of introduction from the Bus Trust’s new Chairman, Chris Heaps, as he takes on his new duties at London Bus Museum. He comes with a wealth of experience in the heritage transport area and has been at two stages in his career a Traffic Commissioner in the West Country and London. So all in all at the start of the Bus Rally Season, new beginnings and opportunities on a range of fronts. We look forward to welcoming you all to our Spring Gathering this year.

Simon Douglas Lane, Event Organiser: APRIL 2015
Museum website :

2015 Event programme cover

To tie in with the Aviation theme of this year's event the museum has also commissioned another exclusive model from Resin Specialists/Jotus, it should be available for the first time at the Spring Gathering.

The model depicts NLP 650 a Park Royal bodied AEC Regal IV 4RF4 coach in the two tone grey livery of British European Airways. Like the first issue RS76635 it is highly detailed both inside & out.
It will be limited to just 200 pieces & is expected to be priced around £75.00. The museum will also be make the model available through its on-line shop for those unable to visit the museum in person.

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