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Friday 29 April
Next OOC Model Release
The first OOC model releases since January are scheduled for the final week of May (ending 29th) when the following models are due to be released.
OM41224A East Thames Buses - Wright Gemini Eclipse (route 185 Victotia)
OM41224B East Thames Buses - Wright Gemini Eclipse (route 185 Lewisham)

Saturday 23 April & Updated Tuesday 26 April
Single Deck EFE Routemaster Model
EFE have placed a full page advertisement in the latest (June) issue of Model Collector Magazine for the forthcoming model of the single deck Routemaster RM1368. The model which was announced at last year's Showbus is expected to be released around August/September.
The advertisement advises that collectors can now reserve the model in advance by phoning EFE's UK Sales Office on 020 8344 6720. EFE have confirmed the model will also go on general sale in limited quantities via the normal retail outlets.
I've been informed that orders have been flying in since the advertisement first appeared last week and that the models catalogue number will be 37801.

Friday 22 April
Base Toys: New Photographs
Photographs of two more of the forthcoming models have now been issued by John Ayrey Diecasts

DA06 Bradford Corporation - Karrier Bantam 2 Axle Tipper Lorry

DA13 Tees-side Carriers Ltd - Albion HD57 4 Axle Flatbed Lorry

Friday 22 April
Five Confirmed EFE Releases
The following models have now been released by EFE. The planned release of the open top Big Bus Company DMS has been delayed.

18715 United Counties - Bedford SB Duple Vega Coach
24203 Maidstone & District - Daimler Fleetline Alexander Double Deck Bus
26324 Midland Red - Guy Arab II Utility Double Deck Bus
27902 The Big Bus Co - Open Top Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus
29307 Southern National - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus
35304 Isle of Man Road Services - Long 6 Bay BET Single Deck Bus

EFE have also formerly announced six of the models previewed at the Dunsfold Rally to the model trade. Provisional release dates are indicated below while the official pre-production model photographs have now been added to the model pages.
12309 Black & White - Harrington Grenadier Coach - May
31908 London Transport (route 74) AEC RML Class Routemaster - May
23208 Green Line (route 724) - Modernized AEC RF Coach - June
36603 Metroline - Dual Door Dennis Dart SLF Series II- June
34406 Lloyds of Ludlow - AEC Mark V 4 Axle Flatbed Lorry - June
37701 Gardner Engines - ERF KV 2 Axle Short Dropside Lorry - June
The latest trade release sheet can be viewed at

Wednesday 20 April
Latest EFE Release Sheet
The latest EFE subscriber's newsletter arrived today. Frank Joyce reflects on the recent events that EFE have had a display at and mentions he's been surprised by the level of interest being shown by collectors in the forthcoming single deck Routemaster and Isle of Wight Dinosaur tube train set and is wondering if sufficient quantities have been ordered to meet demand.

The newsletter also gives details of a commissioned model that is being produced for the Routemaster Association in connection with their celebrations to mark the 50th Anniversary of the RML. The model features RML884 on route 104 to Moorgate Finsbury Square and is die to be released around June or July. Further details will be given in the next newsletter.

There are no new models listed in this newsletter. The latest release sheet can be viewed using the links below.
Release Sheet Issue 3 2011 Scan  Island Line Dinosaur Tube Train Scan
Click Here for PDF Version (5.3mb)
Click Thumbnails for individual scans of the latest release sheets or the link for the PDF file which contains both sheets.
(Courtesy of EFE)

Monday 18 April
EFE Models Due For Release This Week
EFE will release six models later this week, these will be the only releases during April due to the forthcoming crop of Public Bank Holidays in the UK.
18715 United Counties - Bedford SB Duple Vega Coach
24203 Maidstone & District - Daimler Fleetline Alexander Double Deck Bus
26324 Midland Red - Guy Arab II Utility Double Deck Bus
27902 The Big Bus Co - Open Top Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus
29307 Southern National - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus
35304 Isle of Man Road Services - Long 6 Bay BET Single Deck Bus
Release Information kindly supplied by

Cobham Bus Museum's Dunsfold Rally Model
A limited quantity of the special EFE model available at the Dunsfold Rally held on the 10th April are now being offered by the Museum to collectors via eBay.
The Museum is selling the models for the original price of 12 plus 3.75 UK P&P. The Museum's eBay listings page can be found HERE.

Friday 15 April
New Commissioned EFE Gift Set
EFE have informed me that a special set was available at the M&D 100 Rally held on Saturday the 9th April 2011. The code 2 item is based on the Maidstone & District set produced for EFE Subscribers back in 2002, it features the same pair of models which each carry additional side advertisements relating to the centenary event.

The sets are a limited edition of just 150 pieces and these were on sale at the event for 30.00 each. I don't currently have any information on how to obtain examples from the commissioner or if any stock remains following the event.
I've received an email pointing out that details of how to order this set from Mr Julian Bowden, the commissioner, have now been published on the site.
99923A Maidstone & District 100 Rally Set - Gift Set containing Highbridge Leyland PD2 & Open Staircase Leyland TD1

Friday 15 April
CMNL UK Release Update: April 2011
It is a common experience, in many manufacturing facilities in the People's Republic of China, that there is a shortage of skilled workers. In common with many other clients, CMNL is finding the same situation in the factories where the pre-production samples and full production runs are made.

Accordingly CMNL is unable to offer concrete information on the forthcoming model production for more than 2 months in advance due to uncertainty over factory capacity.

By the time that this information appears in print, ukbus 5026 should have completed its production run and should have been shipped from the factory at the end of March.

ukbus 5026 is a Mercedes-Benz Citaro rigid in the fleet of Arriva The Shires and features fleet number 3929 (BG59 FCZ) in MK platinum livery on route 300.

By the end of April, Stagecoach Gold-liveried ukbus0032 should be due for shipping. This release, for Loughborough Model Centre, will feature Enviro400 / Scania 15527 (VX09 NBL) with destinations Cheltenham or Gloucester on route 94.

Following this release, early May should see the production of Alexander Dennis Hybrid ukbus 6033 in the Transdev London United fleet. This will show ADH 2 (SN58 EOS) on route 482 with destination Heathrow Terminal 5.

By mid-May, ukbus 1049 should be due to be shipped. This is the iconic first UK casting from CMNL and will show the updated Magic Bus livery and detailing on Stagecoach Manchester 17647 (W647 RND), an Alexander ALX400-bodied Dennis Trident. This will carry route number 143 and destination West Didsbury.

Finally, ukbus 8017 is due for shipping at the end of May 2011. This is an Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart in the Arriva Southern Counties fleet. ukbus 8017 will feature fleet number 4055 (GN09 AXH) on route 132 to Chatham Bus Station.

It is likely that the normal release of update information that CMNL makes around the end of April, August and December each year will be replaced by information that is offered more often but for a shorter period once information about actual production slots is available.

Please note that the release dates quoted above are anticipated completion dates, not necessarily when the models will be on sale at your retailer. Some detail may change during the production process.

Thursday 14 April
New Britbus Model Announced
Details of a previously unannounced Britbus model have been included in an advertisement placed in Buses magazine by John Ayrey Diecasts.

DL-10 Scarlet Band Motor Services - Alexander bodied Dennis Loline

Wednesday 6 April
Confirmed Britbus Release & New Photograph
Ace Model Buses have confirmed that the following Britbus model has now been released. A new photograph of the model has also issued by wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts.
The reported release of the East Midland Leyland Lowlander, (LLB-10) still hasn't occurred contrary to indications on the Ayrey's website.

R707 Dublin Bus (route 120) - Volvo Olympian Alexander RH

Sunday 10 April
EFE At Cobham's Dunsfold Spring Gathering
EFE had a display of their models at the Cobham Bus Museum's Spring Rally at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Below are some photographs taken in the marquee along with details of eight new models announced at the event.
Regarding the new tooling, the single deck Routemaster (RM1368) is now expected in the Autumn, while the Bristol VRT series I and the Alexander Y Bus & Bristol RE version of the Y type coach are all expected later in his year.

The special EFE model (28003C) for the event was available as planned and a number of models remained unsold after the event.
Update: 16/04/11 - The models are now being offered on eBay by the Museum Shop for the original price plus 3.75 P&P.
Museum's eBay Page.

Sorry for the patchy quality of some of the photographs below, click the thumbnails to view larger versions. A larger selection photographs showing some of the other models on display have been posted on flickr.

The newly announced models and the previously announced Black & White Harrington Grenadier coach along with the latest pre-production sample of the striking Island Line Tube Train in Dinosaur livery.
Cat No. 12309
Vehicle Harrington Grenadier Coach
Operator Black & White Motorways
Fleet No. --
Registration DDG 255C
Route Luxury Tour
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 23208
Vehicle Modernised AEC RF Coach
Operator Green Line (London Transport)
Fleet No. RF 234
Registration MLL 771
Route 724 High Wycombe Express
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 27627
Vehicle Volvo B10B Wright Renown
Operator CMT Buses
Fleet No. 2067
Registration X114 JFV
Route 284 Queen Square
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 31908
Vehicle Routemaster RML Class Bus
Operator London Transport
Fleet No. RML 2735
Registration SMK 735F
Route 74 West Brompton
 Empress State Building
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 32101A
Vehicle Front Entrance RMF Routemaster
Operator London Transport
Fleet No. RMF 1254
Registration 254 CLT
Route 38 Victoria Station
 (Last Day of Routemaster Operation)
Notes Future EFE Subscriber's Model
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 35206
Vehicle 6 Bay BET Coach
Operator East Yorkshire
Fleet No. 790
Registration CKH 790C
Route X46 Hull Express
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 36603
Vehicle Dual Door Dennis Dart SLF Pointer 2
Operator Metroline
Fleet No. DP14
Registration W114 WGT
Route 90 Northolt Station
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 34406
Vehicle AEC Mark V 4 Axle Flatbed Lorry
Operator Lloyds of Ludlow
Fleet No. --
Registration DYE 344C
Load Tented Tarpaulin
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 37701
Vehicle Short ERF KV 2 Axle Dropside Lorry
Operator Gardner
Fleet No. --
Registration YMB 39
Load Small tarpaulin covered load & crate
Expected To be announced
Cat No. 99935
Vehicle 1938 Stock Tube Train Set
Operator Isle of Wight Island Line
Stagecoach "Dinosaur Livery"
Route Shanklin
Fleet No. 008
Note These show the models with the superior factory applied decals.
Expected To be announced
And some general shots of the EFE Display

New Alexander Y Tooling

The pre-production sample of 34105 posed with
the real London Country RT604 at Dunsfold

Monday 4 April
Cobham Model Changed
I've received the following press release from the London Bus Preservation Trust this evening, the EFE model reference code hasn't been confirmed yet.


We heard from EFE over the weekend that last-minute production difficulties mean that the limited-edition London Transport RF model will not be ready on the day. This is much regretted and we know that this will be disappointing news for many collectors. However, it has been possible to produce a substitute model at very short notice and this will be Daimler Fleetline DF1682 running in 1930s LT livery on the London Sightseeing Tour and carrying side advertisements for the new London Bus Museum opening in August this year.

Click thumbnail to view larger version

The model is a factory Code 2 and will be limited to 360 certificated pieces. It will be made available at this coming Sunday's event at Dunsfold Aerodrome at the attractive price of 10 to card-holding Cobham members and 12 to non-members.

The RF model will be issued later this year and collectors will be advised through the usual channels including the trust's web-site. It is hoped to have it available at a special event for enthusiasts and collectors to mark the opening of the new London Bus Museum.

The London Bus Preservation Trust
Cobham London Bus Museum
4 April 2011

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