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Stagecoach London
UKBUS 0070 real vehicle UKBUS 0070 real vehicle
Photographs show early pre-production sample. Final production models will have correct style of headlights
This model has been commissioned by Model Buses Creations
Operator? Stagecoach London Ltd ?
Fleet No.12345 RegistrationSN64 OGU
Route No.-- DestinationStagecoach Ambassador
Livery NotesSelkent Ambassador livery
NotesDual Door - Commissioned & only available from Model Buses Creations.
504 pieces were produced with 180 North Greenwich destination and issued as model UKBUS0070.
IssuedFuture Release Release TypeCommissioned
Total Issued108 (50 of which were for corporate clients) Box Type Plastic Card Outer
UKBUS 0070 Front views
The final production model will have the correct style of headlamps as found on the real vehicle. UKBUS0070 is shown above.
UKBUS 0070 real vehicle
UKBUS 0070/1 Engine detailing
UKBUS 0070/1 Model packaging UKBUS 0070/1 Model packaging
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