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This page contains a selection of finished kits & scratch built models

Irish Bus Kits NEW
Irish Bus Kits NEW

This section contains a number of photographs taken by David O'Conner. These show kits built by himself & Don Middleton and mainly feature resin kits produced in Jim Poots range. The Leyland Royal Tiger shown in the first photograph is a 3D printed concept kit designed by Nigel O'Conner, some of his other kits are now available from the site.

David O'Connor is an admin for the Irish Model Bus Collectors & Modellers Facebook Group which is well worth joining if you have an interest in these models.

Jim Poots Leyland Tiger half cab & a concept Shapeways 3D printed CIE bodied Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1.
More details on the Shapeways site

Another Jim Poots Leyland Tiger finished in the cream and read CIE livery

A Leyland Titan PD3 from the CIE RA class is one of the resin models kits produced by Jim Poots. It's pictured here with a Corgi OOC AEC Q

Jim Poots Leyland Titan PD3 resin kit is pictured here finished as RA4 in the dark and light green livery of CIE

Another view showing the rear detailing on the Jim Poots Leyland Titan PD3 model

Jim Poots resin kit of a CIE Leyland Titan PD3

A further selection of the Jim Poots Leyland Titan PD3 kits finished in various versions of the CIE livery
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