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Forward Models EC-05
Birmingham City Transport
EC-05 front view EC-05 rear view
OperatorBirmingham City Transport
Fleet No.2397 RegistrationJOJ 397
Route No.11 DestinationOuter Circle
AdvertsVista Matches (nearside) & Vernons (off-side)
Livery NotesDark blue & cream with Khaki Roof
NotesA small quantity of this model were released at the Showbus Rally in September 2012 ahead of the full release of the model in November 2012.
IssuedSeptember 2012 (see notes above) Release TypeStandard
Total Issued800 ? Box Type Yellow & blue card box with clear plastic inner
EC-05 front view EC-05 rear view
EC-05 front view EC-05 packaging
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