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99204 (27811)
Roof Box AEC STL Class Double Deck Bus
London Transport - Central Area (Route 19)
99204 (27811) front view 99204 (27811) rear view
Fleet No.STL1988 RegistrationCGX 49
Route No.19 DestinationClapham Junction
Adverts"Less Shopping = More Shipping War Savings" nearside, "Whitebread's Ale & Stout" offside, "Picture Post" & "Every Wednesday" front adverts and "Aspro Relieves Rheumatism"
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds, brown roof and black mudguards.
NotesHas masked headlamps and anti-blast netting on side windows. White black out markings on front mudguards, rear and around entrance.
A reworked version of this model was issued as 27811A.
IssuedJune 2005 Release War Time Buses Series
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