Prevous Model 1959 Stock Tube Train Carriages
EFE Rail Set 471169 (E99941)
(Motorised Set)
Piccadilly Line (Silver livery)
London Transport
London Transport Museum EFE Set 471169 contents Set 471169 - Set Packaging
Commissioned & only available from the London Transport Museum Shop.
Photographs courtesy of Bachmann Europe PLC
Release TypeMotorised set containing all four carriages. Models not issued individually.
LiverySilver with grey roof. Driving carriages have gold underlined London Transport fleet names. (Late 1970s livery)
NotesThese models were issued as part of four carriage set 471169).
Commissioned by & only available from the London Transport Museum Shop.
All carriages bar trailing car have no smoking roundel signs applied to side windows.
Allocated product code E99941 by Bachmann for internal ordering purposes.
IssuedJanuary 2024 Release / Packaging Code 2 / card presentation box
Model IDriving Carriage Type A (Part ref no. 80405 ?) Carriage No.1212
Train No.254 DestinationHeathrow
Model IIDriving Carriage Type D (Part ref no. 80505 ?) Carriage No.1213
Train No.254 DestinationHeathrow
Model IIINon Driving Motor Carriage (Part ref no. 80605 ?) Carriage No.9213
Model IVTrailer Car (De-icer unit) (Part ref no. 80705 ?) Carriage No.2212D
 Prevous Model