Prevous Model Motorised 1938 Stock Tube Train Set
SET E99940
(Model Parts 80009, 80109, 80209, 80309)
Bakerloo Line
London Transport EHO (Extra Heavy Overhaul)
EFE Rail Set E99940 - Contents
Set Rail Set E99940 - Driving Carriage Type A front detailing
Photographs courtesy of Bachmann Europe PLC
Release TypeReady to run motorised set containing all four carriages. Models not issued individually.
LiveryBus red with dark grey roof & white roundels & stock numbers. (1970s livery)
NotesThese models were issued as part of four carriage set E99940 & have motorised driving cars with DCC sockets, carriages have working interior lighting.
The correct connection order of the cars is: Driving Car A (I) Trailer Car (IV) Non-Driving Motor Car (III) Driving Car D (II)
Isuued in EFE Rail range packaging. Note: Model part numbers shown above are for reference only
IssuedMay 2022 Release / Packaging Standard / EFE Rail
Model I1938 Driving Carriage Type A (Part ref no. 80009) Carriage No.10184
Train No.136 DestinationWatford (LMR)
Model II1938 Driving Carriage Type D (Part ref no. 80109) Carriage No.11184
Train No.136 DestinationWatford (LMR)
Model III1938 Non Driving Motor Carriage (Part ref no. 80209) Carriage No.12123
Model IV1938 Trailer Car (Part ref no. 80309) Carriage No.012272
EFE Rail Set E99940 - Packaging
 Prevous Model