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(Model Parts 80007, 80107)
Isle of Wight Island Line (Stagecoach Dinosaur Livery)
EFE Set 99935 Contents
EFE Set 99935 Carriage Decoration
Photographs show the final production models & are courtesy of Hattons Model Railways
Release TypeNon motorised set containing both carriages. Models not issued individually.
LiveryBlue base with yellow carriage fronts & light grey roof. Multi-coloured cartoon style decoration on carriage sides.
NotesThese models were issued as part of two carriage set E99935.
IssuedJuly 2011 Release / Packaging Standard / Individual boxes enclosed in Isle of Wright Line card sleeve
EFE Set 99935 Driving Carriage Type A
Model I1938 Driving Carriage Type A [BR Class 483] (Part ref no. 80007) Carriage No.008
Train No.-- DestinationRyde Pier Head
EFE Set 99935 Driving Carriage Type D
Model II1938 Driving Carriage Type D [BR Class 483] (Part ref no. 80107) Carriage No.004
Train No.-- DestinationShaklin
EFE Set 99935 packaging
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