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Metropolitan East London Line
Preserved LT Museum Carriages
Set 99931A - Box
This set can be ordered from the London Transport Museum Shop's website.
Please email me if you can supply photographs of these models.
Set TypeTube Train Carriages Models in set4
Model 180003A - 1938 Driving Carriage Type A - Carriage Number: 11012 - Train Number: Not known - Destination: Amersham
Model 280103A - 1938 Driving Carriage Type D - Carriage Number: 10012 - Train Number Not known - Destination: Amersham
Model 380203A - 1938 Non Driving Motor Carriage - Carriage Number: 12048 - Train Number: None - Destination: None
Model 480303A - 1938 Trailer Car - Carriage Number: 012256 - Train Number: None - Destination: None
Livery? Maroon with dark grey roof. Gold London Transport fleet names. (Can anyone confirm this is the livery used on these models?)
NotesModels issued in individual boxes enclosed in card sleeve.
The models in this set depict the four operational 1938 stock carriages preserved in the LT Museum Collection.
CommissionerProduced for the London Transport Museum.
IssuedNovember 2011 Release Type Commissioned Sleeved Set
Set 99931 - Model 80004
Carriage illustrated above is from an earlier standard release set.
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