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Timpson's & Surrey Motors Coach Set
Sutton FC / Crystal Palace FC Commission
Set 99906A - Box Set 99906A - Contents
Photograph of certificate kindly supplied by Tony Price
Set TypeCoaches Models in set2
Model 112104A - Harrington Cavalier Coach
 Surrey Motors (Sutton United FC) - Fleet Number: 44 - Registration: None - Route: For Hire
 Livery: Yellow with brown roof, side skirt panels and waistband.
Model 212303A - Harrington Grenadier Coach
 Timpson's (Crystal Palace FC) - Fleet Number: None - Registration: None - Route: For Hire
 Livery: Cream with maroon side skirt panels & waistband rear and sides.
NotesA limited edition of 150 certificated sets which are a re-working of set 99906. Both models have additional labels printed on the windows.
The models are packaged in a custom card box.
CommissionerProduced for Sutton United AFC & Crystal Palace FC.
IssuedApril 1995 Release Type Code 2 Set
Set 99906A - Models 12104, 12303 Set 99906A - Supplied Certificate
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