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Hong Kong Citybus
Set 19906(A) - Box Set 19906(A) - Contents
Set TypeBuses Models in set2
Model 113912 - Bristol FLF Lodekka Double Deck Bus
 Citybus - Fleet Number: B21 - Registration: CR 2146 - Route: Citybus 3-648366
 Livery: Yellow with white roof, upper deck window surrounds, and blue mudguards.
Model 225709A - Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus
 Citybus - Fleet Number: D41 - Registration: DB 7407 - Route: 500 Hong Kong Shen Zhen
 Livery: Yellow with blue & red stripes on between decks panels. Red & white bands below lower deck windows. White roof..
NotesLimited edition of 1250 sets supplied with numbered certificate. Set also contains pen, Daimler key chain, booklet & destination display fridge magnet. NOTE: It isn't known if the pair of Leyland Olympian fridge magnets illustrated were part of the original package.
The models are packaged in a custom card box which carries number 19906. EFE also issued a World War II sleeved set with the same number.
EFE's Master list refers to this set as 19909 but I've numbered it 19906(A) on the site to tie in with the number on the packaging.
Model 13912 was also available in the UK to members of the EFE Subscriber Service.
CommissionerProduced for Citybus and only available in Hong Kong.
IssuedJuly 2000 (Hong Kong) Release Type Code 2 Set
Set 19906(A) - Models 13912 and 25709A Set 19906(A) - Extras - Fridge magnets, Key Chain and Pen.
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