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Green Line Express (No Route Blinds)
35701A front view 35701A nearside view
Photographs kindly supplied by Keith Weblin
Fleet No.RC1 RegistrationCUV 59C
Route No.-- DestinationEmpty Blind Boxes
LiveryOff white with green waistband.
NotesThis model as blank yellow cove mounted route boards and depicts the vehicle in it's original as delivered condition. The Green Line Express fleet names were altered to plain Green Line before the coach enetered passenger service.
Commissioned by the London Transport Museum and available at the October 2010 Acton Depot Open Weekend.
This model is a re-working of issue 35701.
IssuedOctober 2010 Release Standard / Code 2
35701A nearside view 35701A front view
35701A front view 35701A nearside view
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