Prevous Model AEC Regal 10T10 Single Deck Coach
Ensign Bus Co / American Red Cross Clubmobile
29909 front view 29909 rear view
Fleet No.USA X201025 (formerly T499) RegistrationELP 223
Route No.-- DestinationAmerican Red Cross Clubmobile
AdvertsCarries legends "American Red Cross Clubmobile 'Oklahoma'" on both sides.
LiveryGrey with white & red lettering.
NotesHas white black out markings on mudguards, rear and entrance step. Produced for EFE Subscription Service members.
This model is a re-working of issue 99201
IssuedMarch 2014 Release War Time Buses Series / Code 1
29909 front view 29909 rear view
29909 front view 29909 sign writing
29909 War Time Buses packaging
 Prevous Model