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Shorelink San Link (Transdev NSW)
24817 front view 24817 rear view
Fleet No.73 RegistrationMO-8384
Route No.589 DestinationSAN Hospital
Adverts"Renault Coupe Cabriolet - Northshore Motors Renault - The Home of Renault on the North Shore - Waitara -9473-7122"(on rear)
LiveryWhite with black relief.
NotesProduced for the Australian Trax Trux range (TX14C). Model was also made available to members of the EFE Subscription Service. The Australian models were issued in Trux packaging while the subscriber's versions are packaged in standard EFE boxes.
IssuedJuly 2008 (Australia) / August 2008 (UK) Release Code 1 / Standard
24817 rear advertisement
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