Drumwell Dennis Condor Duple METSEC Double Decker
99504 - Cihina Motor Bus
99503 Front nearside view of model
The above picture was scanned from EFE publicity material
Fleet No.DA 2 RegistrationEM 8983
Route No.104 DestinationKennedy Town
AdvertsAir Conditioned Bus between decks slogans.
LiveryBlue lower deck with off white upper deck. Black window surrounds.
NotesThis model was a joint venture between Drumwell (DW10203) and Car's Workshop (38601).
Limited edition of 2800 models of which only a small quantity were available in the UK via the EFE Subscribers Service.
IssuedReleased by EFE in April 2002 RangeCode 1 / Car's Workshop

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