Drumwell Neoplan Centroliner
99402 - Kowloon Motor Bus (andylau.com All Over Advert Livery)
99402 Front nearside view of model 99402 Rear off-side view of model
The above pictures were scanned from EFE publicity material
Fleet No.AP6 RegistrationJB 319
Route No.296c DestinationSham Shui PO, Tonkin Street
Advertsandylau.com all over livery
LiveryChampange gold front. Base colours - pink near side, orange and black off-side and rear. Blue roof.
NotesModel is mounted on a felt topped plinth and is a limited edition of 10000 pieces produced for KMB. Drumwell issue no DW10103.
Available in the UK via the EFE Subscribers Service.
IssuedReleased by EFE in November 2001 RangeCode 1 / Drumwell

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