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First Pennine (First Manchester Ltd)
28602 front view 28602 rear view
Fleet No.4658 RegistrationA658HNB
Route No.350 DestinationHey Farm
LiveryRed with yellow lower deck windows, between deck panels and skirt band
Notes"Please let the bus out"' sticker in rear window.
This model was shown on EFE Release sheets with 005 First Pennine destination blinds, it seems the models were manufactured with these in China but subsequently overprinted with the revised route details in the UK before release. (See pictures below)
IssuedNovember 2002 Release De-Regulation Series
Pictures below kindly supplied by Sam Yim
28602 front view route 005 28602 rear view route 005
At least one model retained its original 005 route number & First Pennine destination!
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