Prevous Model Dual Door Daimler Fleetline DMS (with Engine Bustle)
Kowloon Motor Bus (K.M.B.)
29102 front view 29102 rear view
Fleet No.2D 38 RegistrationCN 4588
Route No.2C DestinationStar Ferry
AdvertsChinese text on between decks panels
LiveryCream upper and red lower
NotesModel was originally produced for the Hong Kong Market and was released in the Drumwell range there. A limited quantity were also available to members of the EFE subscription service. Limited edition of 2000 models supplied with numbered certificates.
IssuedMay 2005 (Drumwell) / July 2005 (EFE) Release Code 1 / Standard (or Drumwell packaging in Hong Kong)
29102 Certificate (back) 29102 Certificate (front)
Supplied Certificate (back & front)
 Prevous Model