Prevous Model Long Front Entrance AEC Routemaster RMF Double Deck Bus
Northern General
(Route 55 - Northern Centenary adverts)
32105 front view 32105 rear view
Fleet No.2105 RegistrationEUP 405B
Route No.55 DestinationNewcastle Worswick Street
Adverts"Serving the North East since 1913 Go North East part of the Go Ahead Group"(both sides) and "Shop At Binns" (front & rear)
LiveryMaroon with cream between decks band
NotesThe model has centenary logo in rear most nearside window and carries name Chris Moyes OBE DL on the off-side front.
This model is a re-working of issue 32102.
IssuedDecember 2013 Release Standard
32105 front view 32105 rear view
32105 front view 32105 Side advert
32105 Centenary window logo 32105 Chris Moyes OBE name
 Prevous Model