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London Country (route 405)
32004 front view 32004 rear view
Fleet No.RCL2260 RegistrationCUV 260C
Route No.405 DestinationWest Croydon
Adverts"43 Church Street Homesdale Benefit Building Society For House Purchase For Saf Investment "(nearside) "for party travel follow suit and hire a Green Line coach" (off-side). "Green & Golden Rovers aren't dogs" & "Green & Golden Rovers are cheap all-day go where you want tickets - Buses Only 40p Buses & Coaches 90p - London Country Green Line" (front & rear)
LiveryDark green with yellow between decks band and fleet names.
NotesThis model is a re-working of issue 32002.
IssuedJune 2013 Standard
32004 front view 32004 rear view
32004 front view
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