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Devon General (with 'Ribble' on rear engine bustle)
16503/2 front view 16503/2 rear view
The picture of the rear of the model has been retouched to represent this rare version.
If anyone can supply pictures an actual model please contact me.
Fleet No.882 Registration--
Route No.12 DestinationBrixham
Adverts"Open every day - Model Village - Illuminations from dusk - Babbacombe" side adverts and "Model Village - Babbacombe" front ad"s. "It's easier by bus to the Model Village Babbacombe" on offside staircase panel.
LiveryRed with off white roof, between decks and below upper deck windows bands
NotesDue to a factory error this version of issue 16503/1 was released with incorrect 'Ribble' fleetname on the rear engine bustle.
IssuedApril 1994 Release Rare / Standard
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