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Arriva London North (Route 76)
33103C front view 33103C rear view
Fleet No.RMC1464 Registration464 CLT
Route No.76 DestinationWaterloo
AdvertsPayroll giving / Arriva (See advertisement photographs below)
LiveryRed with white between decks band and thin yellow stripe below lower deck windows.
NotesCommissioned by the Arriva London & released in November 2014. Limited edition of 200 none certificated models.
This model can be purchased from The model is a re-working of issue 33103C and has side advertisements which are printed on labels.
IssuedNovember 2014 Release Code 2 / De-Regulation Series
33103D front view 33103D rear view
33103D front view 33103D rear view
33103D nearside advertisement - Click to enlarge 33103D off-side advertisement - Click to enlarge
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